How Old is ‘Too Old’ to be Involved With Music?
Paul Cantor

Never Too Old?

I had a little different take on this subject, when I wrote this. More from a listener perspective. I still sometimes hear some twist in an old favorite, that I just didn’t pick up before. I often read stories about connections and influences I did not know about when music had liner notes! I watched all of the episodes of Sonic Highways. Actually the one where they record a song in Nashville, I watched twice. And, I am 62 years old. I have to admit, I am not a fan of rap and that may very well be because of my age. Most of the new music I listen to and really get into is rock or folk/rock or R&B or jazz influenced. These are the genre I grew up listening to and playing live. So, maybe I am too old for some new music? Interesting thought. I will have to roll that one around.

Still, I really like the fact that you asked this question. I think you came up with a lot of the reasons people do stop discovering music in their thirties. I do know though that there are some of us out there who never stop.

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