Why Booking a Doctor’s Appointment Online is the Best Way to Start Your Fertility Treatment

IVF treatment requires a lengthy process of booking and waiting until medical care is available. The whole process can sometimes take more than six months, depending on your medical condition. As a busy person, you don’t have time to wait for an appointment to open up.

In this blog post, we present a simple win-win solution to get you fast and timely access to fertility care, which also enables fertility clinics to operate efficiently and profitably.

The benefits of scheduling doctor appointments online

Non-traditional methods of online doctor appointment scheduling are reshaping the evolving landscape of healthcare.

Online booking systems allow you to schedule a variety of appointments, receive reminders and pay online 24/7. The best part? You can book an appointment with a doctor anytime and anywhere in the world. There’s no need to rush to make a decision while speaking to a receptionist.

For the person on-the-go, it couldn’t be easier or faster to book a doctor’s appointment directly from your mobile. You can also book a doctor appointment online (or cancel your visit to a fertility clinic) without paying a penny.

No one wants to make the wrong choices regarding their reproductive health. Using a sophisticated booking platform, you can make wise, well-informed decisions by:

  • seeing the detailed profile of each fertility clinic
  • exploring different fertility treatments
  • viewing doctor profiles
  • researching ratings and patient reviews
  • calculating the distance between your home and the fertility clinic.

It’s clear enough that doctor appointment scheduling can improve the patient experience and provide fertility clinics with a competitive advantage. There’s a reason that 63% of new patients come from online booking platforms!

Online medical services will only grow

A recent survey discovered that 77% of patients prefer online appointment scheduling to arrange, change or cancel doctor appointments. The downside? Only 17% of respondents were provided with an online booking option.

In the digital world, healthcare processes should be streamlined and adapted to respond to patient’s needs.

Providers are starting to welcome the online booking revolution. Providing patients with a platform for booking appointments directly is the best solution for both patients and clinics.

Millennials do everything online

Millennials account for about a quarter of the world’s population. Raised in a fast-paced environment, this population expects to have exceptional and super-fast digital experiences that instantly meet their needs. This tech-savvy generation also holds the reputation of being the most difficult patient population to engage and retain.

In a world where one can make a restaurant reservation, fix a hair appointment, and buy clothes at the click of a button, making an online doctor appointment should be as easy and fast as possible. According to statistics, 71% of millennials prefer scheduling online and receiving reminders, rather than calling the practice. Instant, mobile-friendly digital options are quickly becoming the norm.

As millennials are also waiting longer to have children, the need for fertility treatment is only set to increase. Healthcare transformation is critical for the success of future fertility care models and improved patient satisfaction.

Why doctors should consider switching to mobile devices

Greater reliance on the internet suggests that providers need to leverage scheduling processes and deliver a better patient experience. Unfilled time slots and high no-show rates can make profits for fertility clinics uncertain. Potential outcomes include higher provider costs and poorer patient outcomes.

In a world where nearly 200 million people suffer from infertility issues, quick access to care is essential. Paradoxically, clinics are desperate for more patients whilst millions of patients do not have access to fertility care services.

As stated in a recent study, the biggest pain of patients is scheduling an online doctor appointment by phone. With an online booking platform, fertility clinics can organize the booking process efficiently and redirect their resources to in-office patient care. An online booking solution places power directly into the patient’s hands. This should be part of every doctor’s patient-retention strategy.

Booking a doctor online: the best place to start

The traditional model of scheduling an appointment with a fertility clinic is outdated and inefficient when dealing with a large number of patients. Although there are around 200 million patients with infertility problems and over 5,000 fertility clinics around the world, fewer people get access to fertility care and clinics are desperate for more patients.

Innovative booking solutions provide fertility clinics with the option to operate more efficiently, enhance patient’s experience and even help people prevent infertility in the first place. The real benefit of making an online doctor appointment is about empowering people to take an active role in their own healthcare while being offered the best possible fertility services available.

Take the first step today!

Fertility Booking allows patients to search for a fertility clinic, view detailed doctor profiles, and schedule an appointment with a fertility clinic of their choice — all free of charge!

Originally published at https://blog.fertilitybooking.com on September 10, 2019.




Fertility Booking is next generation healthtech startup. More info on www.fertilitybooking.com

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Fertility Booking

Fertility Booking

Fertility Booking is next generation healthtech startup. More info on www.fertilitybooking.com

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