Chennai Fertility Center : Infertility Due To Fallopian Tube Damage

Not being able to conceive even after trying for over a year might pose as a huge problem for various couples. Read on to know four common causes that can be cited as the reason behind infertility in females:

Fallopian tube damage: Damage or blockage in the fallopian tube due to several reasons including sexually transmitted infection, endometriosis or adhesions might interrupt the normal functioning of the female reproduction system, hence leading to infertility.

Thyroid: With age a lot of women develop the risk of suffering from thyroid which is the disorder of the thyroid gland. This problem often messes up with the menstrual cycle and may cause infertility.

Ovulation disorders: Sometimes due to certain abnormalities ovaries face obstacles while releasing eggs. This problem can be cured but if too much delayed is made then it can lead to infertility for sure.

Unhealthy lifestyle: Regular intake of junk food, excessive smoking and drinking, involvement in harmful drugs, heavy physical exercises may also interrupt the normal functioning of female parts.

If you face any sort of abnormality in your regular menstrual cycle or any other similar problem then you must seek professional help as soon as possible. Examination or diagnosis for infertility should include both the partners in order to obtain the accurate results. Before opting for the evaluation test a few factors like medical history, age of the female etc must be considered thoroughly. If you are dealing with any sort of problem related to infertility then you must consult the experts at Chennai Fertility Center.

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