Travel safe during pregnency

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Typically, pregnant women can travel throughout the period of 9 months of pregnancy. However, carelessness or negligence while traveling can result into severe health complications. Experts from Chennai Fertility Centre say there is no harm in travelling during your pregnancy but you must remain highly careful while traveling. Read on to know more about it:

Travelling in First Trimester

In the course of the initial three months of pregnancy there are phases when you go through a number of health concerns such as recurrent feeling of sickness, vomiting and drowsiness. These health issues can make your travel a bit messed up experience. The risk of miscarriage is also the highest during the first trimester of pregnancy. For that reason it is sensible to avoid long distance travelling at least in the first trimester. Before making any travel plan you must consult your gynecologist.

Traveling in Second Trimester

Second trimester is often termed as the safest time of the whole pregnancy period and if your health reports are normal then there is no problem in travelling during this time. Though the second trimester of pregnancy is a bit relaxed phase still you must take proper care while travelling during this phase.

Travelling in Third trimester

You can travel in the third trimester but you need to be enormously cautious. Do not travel by crowded public transport during this time because there is a great deal of risk involved in it. Health specialists say that long journeys must be avoided or else you might end up suffering from severe headache, nausea and discomfort. After entering in the ninth month of pregnancy you must travel only when it is very important. Towards the end of the third trimester you need to take good care of yourself by all means.

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