what is zika virus?

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A lot of people in American families are not aware of the key facts about Zika virus. This virus can become a cause of concern in case someone is pregnant or considering getting pregnant in the near future. According to a proficient group of researchers approximately one in four people are not aware of the link between Zika virus and the birth defect microcephaly. The researchers also revealed that the general public has numerous confusions and misunderstanding about Zika virus and this is really something that needs immediate attention.

Experts from Chennai Fertility Centre say that such misperceptions about Zika virus could lead people to take unnecessary or incorrect precautions and this can make the matter worse. It is advised that people must try to refrain from believing into rumors and false information that are being circulated in the internet, especially on the social media platforms.


Experts reveal that Zika virus is mainly transmitted to the humans through mosquitoes only. These mosquitoes live in or around buildings in urban areas and they are typically active during the day time. However it has been observed that the peak biting activity occurs either in early mornings or during late afternoons. Though this is yet to be confirmed but experts say that this virus can also be transmitted through blood transfusion and sexual transmission.


Now you must be wondering about the symptoms of Zika virus, well, the fact is that there are no prominent symptoms of this disease and therefore it is really difficult to list down the symptoms. In most of the cases of Zika virus the patients suffer from mild fever, rashes, joint pain, and redness in the whites of the eye but this is just the observation that has been made by picking up the similarities of symptoms that have been observed in the people attacked by Zika virus.

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