The Men With Poor Sperm Motility Asthenospermia: Causes and Treatment

Infertility isn’t just a woman’s problem. It is now known that 1 in every 20 men will have trouble conceiving. It is breaking the stigma attached with women being the sole reason of not having a baby. While the most common cause of male infertility is a low sperm count, some men are infertile because of the poor sperm motility rate. Asthenospermia refers to low motility of the sperm cells in ejaculated semen. Motility is the measure of how fast these tadpoles move forward and whoever wins the race fertilize the egg. These sperms are of 4 kinds from a-d, ‘a’ category sperms are the fastest while d are the slowest, ‘c’ and‘d’ category sperms are found to be the reason of poor infertility in men.

What causes Asthenospermia?

  • Infection in reproduction system; may be caused by frequent masturbation can lead to poor sperm motility rate.
  • Smoking can lead to poor sperm motility of sperms.
  • Alcohol and late night ups are found to be one of the major causes.
  • Anti sperm antibodies confuse the body’s immune system to attack its own sperms.
  • Heavy dose of antibiotics affect sperm quality and motility.
  • Lack of right nutrients in body can be the cause.
  • Overuse of chemicals or heavy metals.
  • Increased testicular temperature by the use of sauna or use of hot tubs.

These are some of the causes of Asthenospermia, while scientist suggests it may be genital or because of aging too.

Prevention of Asthenospermia

  • If you are quite a smoker, quit smoking.
  • Add nutrients to your diet.
  • Change your lifestyle; avoid contact with heavy dose of chemicals in your daily routine.
  • Avoid the use of antibiotics on a regular basis.
  • Prevent frequent masturbation.

Prevention is always better than cure, so prevent yourself from being infertile and change your lifestyle.

Treatment of Asthenospermia

  • IVF (in vitro fertilization) should be tried at the first place. This would allow the doctors to know if the sperm can be documented or not. If it could be documented then there are chances of pregnancy.
  • ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) promises every man to have a baby. This approach has revolutionized the doctors’ approach to infertile men. However low may be the sperm count you can still have a baby. This technique is reaching heights when it comes to make a man fertile.
  • IUI (intra- uterine insemination) technique used for both men and women in fertilization. The purpose of IUI is to introduce the best and the most motile sperms high up in the uterine cavity as close to the ovum as possible so that distance that sperm has to cover is minimal.

These are some of the best low sperm motility treatments to ensure men being fertile and be able to make a baby. Technology has done wonders in medical treatments and everything is possible now. But if something still doesn’t work, leave it on God!

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