Make A New Year’s Resolution to Double Check Technology Decisions, Even If You’re Kylie Jenner; A Review

Two things strike people like me (tech student and makeup fanatics) when they have the first glimpse of this article header; Technology and Kylie Jenner. As a matter of fact, Kylie has nothing to to do with this article while technology on the other hand, has a lot going on.

EUGENE VYBOROV writes: “Here are five web development mistakes to focus on eliminating in 2016: Blindly following agile methodologies, Skimping on development documentation, Putting front-end presentation on the back-burner, Not sourcing enough user feedback and Making technology choices in a bubble.

Reckoning all of the mentioned mistakes except the point made in against to the agile methodology.

Agile method is experienced to be the most productive method in reference to the software and web development world. Meeting the user requirements on the runtime is one of the greatest distinctions and superiority over the modeling methods.

Rapid development and delivery is now often
the most important requirement for software
systems as well as the web industry. Businesses operate in a fast –changing requirement and it is practically impossible to produce a set of stable software requirements.

Software has to evolve quickly to reflect changing
business needs.

Rapid software development.

Specification, design and implementation are

How is agility effective?

Effective (rapid and adaptive) response to

Effective communication among all

Drawing the customer onto the team.

Organizing a team so that it is in control of the
work performed.

Yielding, rapid, incremental delivery of software.

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