Loki Updates for The New Year
Daniel Foré

Based on my experience:
Still waiting for fixes:

  • Calendar, Sidebar doesn’t show correct event at current date (using google calendar)
  • Network Manager, Can’t add VPN server, the save button is disabled.
  • Printer Manager, Can’t add new network printer, also the save button is disabled.
  • Screenshot app, The cursor always in top right corner.
  • Bluetooth Manager, Sometimes I found it’s so hard to reconnecting my devices & I can’t send a file to my phone from the manager.
  • Desktop Setting, The desktop wallpaper turns black when I trying to use custom background directory.
  • Power Setting, Ambient light sensor (automatic adjust brightness) not working
  • Photos, Previous pic still shown behind next pic.
  • File manager, Can’t do multiple copy and move operations

Feature request:

  • Screenshot app, Please make “Delay in seconds” optional, I don’t want to wait even 1 second to take a screenshot.
  • Photos, Add capability to open animated .gif image.

Device: Asus Zenbook UX303UB

Thanks & Regards

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