My 10 tips for Prague

A few weeks ago I spent 2 days in Prague. I was really overwhelmed with the large quantity of tourists. However, I still could enjoy it. These are my 10 tips.

  1. Wake up really early

Prague is full of tourists, and unluckily it’s full of groups. In order to enjoy the city I highly recommend you to wake up on sunrise and go for a walk until 9 am. Those hours are the best moments to cross the Charles Bridge.

2. Have a good breakfast

I had really nice breakfasts in Prague. I can recommend two places:

  • Bistro 34, the service was friendly and the eggs were amazing.
  • Nostress cafe restaurant, near the Spanish synagogue. Breakfast was also good although one waiter wasn’t too friendly.

3. Hike to the Petrin Observation Tower

You could take the funicular but you will enjoy the views more if you go up walking. It’s a good hill, so go slowly and stop to take photos and enjoy the view. Once you are at the top of the hill, you won’t see anything unless you pay to go into the Observation Tower. Check the opening hours before you go!

Don’t pay for the the return, as you could do a nice walk to the castle.

4. Enjoy the views of the castle

There is going to be thousands of people on the castle, so don’t get stressed and enjoy the buildings, the cathedral, the small church and all the tiny details. Once you have finished visiting it, take a rest while looking at these views. Don’t be a tourist, don’t take just a photo and run to the next destination.

5. Visit the garden of the Senate

On weekend you can visit it. It’s free, it’s relaxing, it’s full of sculptures and you can see another view of the castle. You can also enter into the building but it’s not worth the time.

6. Enjoy the cakes of Cafe Savoy

If you continue going down the river through the west side you will reach Cafe Savoy. Its cakes are absolutely delicious. Ask for small portions so you can test several. The texture of the Savoy cake is amazing. You won’t regret this. If you are more than two, you will probably need to book in advance. You can also eat there.

7. Go for a walk through the east side of the river

It’s a very relaxing walk with great views to the west side. I encourage you to stop in a bench and enjoy the day while drinking a Czech beer. You can also rent a boat to go into the river. You can rent it on the east island.

8. Not everything are classic buildings

Prague also has its own share of modern buildings, like the Dancing building. You can go to its rooftop and have something to drink.

9. The Spanish Synagogue is amazing

If you can only see one building on the inside, go to the Spanish Synagogue. It’s absolutely amazing. You will be absorbed with its beauty. We were very lucky that it wasn’t destroyed on the WW2.

10. Try new local restaurants

Some places I recommend:

  • Lokal, it’s really popular with locals. There are two at least, although this one is the biggest and less touristy.
  • Nase maso, it’s the one of the photo. You choose the meat you want and they will cook it for you.
  • Angelato, its ice-creams are delicious. They don’t have anything to envy the Italian/Spanish ice-creams.