OnTruck is hiring, it’s the best moment to join!

When you are searching for a new job in a startup, you should look for:

  • Team with previous successful job experiences.
  • Startup on a fast growth path with 20–50 employees and invested by top investors.
  • Startup with good processes where you can fully develop your career (no top down decisions nor micro-management)
  • Startup which disrupts a sector and has a proper business model.

I believe OnTruck is that kind of company right now:

  • All managers have founded companies and successfully grown and sold them (or soon to be IPO’ed).
  • We are 30 employees right now from different nationalities (Spain, Colombia, Venezuela, Australia, UK, Indonesia) and we are invested by Point Nine (Germany), Local Globe (UK) and Samaipata Ventures (Spain).
  • Our Product & Tech teams are fully aligned with common processes; one of our objectives is to be the best Product team in Europe. Same applies to Marketing, Sales and Ops.
  • Market players believe we are crazy and that we won’t be able to achieve our vision. However, we keep breaking records and signing new clients.

We are hiring for several positions and we will hire for more over the next year so please get in touch with us so we start talking. All positions are based in sunny Madrid (no remote). Right now, we are searching for:

  • COO — you will take charge of the operations and you will work really closely with Sales and Product to maintain an astounding level of quality while reducing the manual work.
  • Two Senior Product Designers — you can read our Product process to understand how we work and what we expect.
  • First Senior Product Manager — you will focus on improving our main KPIs along Sales & Marketing and you will assist product designers and developers on other core projects.
  • Full-stack and Back-end engineers — you will help us develop the core projects we need to do this year. These projects have never been done on the industry, we are developing cutting-edge technologies.
  • Talent Manager — you will help us hire the best from all over the world and maintain our team engaged.

I’m so happy with our trajectory and the team we are building; I can’t wait to see the results of what we are currently building!