About Festock

2 min readNov 17, 2015

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Hi there,
Today we have great news for all cinema lovers. Festock 1.0 is arriving!

Festock is a fast and easy way to stay up to date with festivals editions and to communicate directly with all film enthusiasts.

We believe in a platform where all film professionals – Directors, Composers, actors, Screenwriters – should have a title role. In the film industry films are understood as essential and critical part. Nonetheless, in Festock, we place equal value to the creators by allowing them to create their own portfolio and elevate their career aspirations.

An easy solution to review submissions and never miss a deadline.

Film Festivals – Managers, Promoters, Juries, STAFF, etc. – are also welcome to make this their own home. Use Festock and be in control with your data and communication by taking advantage of its flexibility and simplicity while keeping it safe and sound.

Festock makes it easy to put yourself out there and be supported by sponsorings and partnerships. Since Publishers, Production Companies and Brands will be present and available to be connected. All these possible sponsorings have the opportunity to keep track of their own profile and monitor its online presence. In top of that sponsorings can communicate directly with all users and vice-versa shortening the distance between festivals, creators, brands and other commercial entities. A truly simple and equal tool where new talents are discovered every day.

A call for all cinema lovers.

All cinema lovers will have the possibility to connect with creators and favorite film festivals. In Festock you have the power to make your voice be heard and stay in touch with your own idols through messages and with your participation through voluntary work.