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This time we would like to introduce ourselves, the team behind Festock. We are six, each one from a different field of expertise and we share a common passion: cinema. We set out to give back to the community by releasing Festock.


Keyboard Diplomat

Luís Jesus is our admiral. He has no vices; however he doesn’t resist to a good old chocolate bar. Luís loves to do sports and Nature. Super cars always amaze him.


Code Ninja

Miguel Soares does the work behind the scenes. To him green characters in black background are always the holy grail of aesthetic. Fortunately we do keep him away from design department.

Strong Code

Guilherme is a dedicated worker, loves to learn and learns fast. His capability of logical thinking makes him one of the best developers in Azurva, a small location in Aveiro.


Front Samurai

Pedro Martins lives stunned by tiki-taka from Barcelona. Tieing up visual elements to algorithms is his daily breakfast. Pedro eats always codfish with a gulp, easy as if it was thin air.


Sketch Warrior

Pedro Silva enjoys snow and wool socks. He is an obsessed collector of interesting objects of design. And he strongly believes in teamwork. Pedro respects and values open source philosophies.


Data Viking

Rui Garcia loves a hard and sweaty soccer match… in his couch and with a console. Rui’s favorite movie genre is sci-fi and he believes in life beyond our planet.




your cinematic stock

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your cinematic stock

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