Machine learning to a Grandmother

Fesus Rocuts
Jun 26 · 1 min read

Hello, today I come to tell you about self-learning, since the human being is in the mother’s womb, receives from it all the nutrients, stimuli and protection, obviously this already knows, then, it can be said that the human initiates his learning, because there is a need to communicate what he feels, he wants to explore, later when he is born, he receives more stimuli, progressively the brain selects and chooses that he prioritizes and realizes that food, sleep and a warm heat provide him with continuity , the more it grows, the human is perfecting motor skills, and begins to have more indepence, when age increases considerably, he has already developed a storage of information that is not worth specifying, but it is enough, that will allow him to make better decisions , in each time of the human being, he finds that he must learn to adapt, since body also does it, he finds that making decisions becomes indispensable, the more an event is repeated, the human will have the ability to respond better according to the experiences already received, or create them in case they are new.


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