Introducing FetchFor.Me

FetchForMe is a service you always needed - but never realized you did.

Who wants to spend hours on the web searching/researching on something? But we all have to. Sometimes we have the luxury of time but for most an hour spent searching is an hour they didn’t spend playing with their children, reading a book or enjoying the great outdoors. But we simply didn’t know of a better way of getting information we need….until today.

Lets do some role-playing. You are a newbie photographer — forget about it — you are no photographer — just want to take photos that you can blow up and display. You have seen people lugging around those big cameras, with those huge inter-changeable lenses and have started nursing an envy. You want one of those and now you come to the question:

“What are those big black cameras? How do I choose which one to buy? Do I even need to buy a huge freaking camera with huge freaking lens to capture great photographs especially when Apple is displaying amazing blowups of iPhone photos all along the 101? How do I take great photographs”

You know that answer is out their in the vastness of the Web. So you ask Google (or Yandex or Bing or get the gist). Google does a great job in answering back in 0.37 seconds and also brags about it.

But here is the problem — google didn’t come with one answer — it came with 5.5 million of them. It’s your responsibility now to go through these links to find the ones relevant to you.

Of course you won’t go through 5.5 million of them (unless you are a content scraper robot I am talking to). But the first few links (with apologies to Amazon) are nothing but pages optimized to sell you camera-stuff and not to educate you.

If you are lucky — you would stumble upon that great blog post from an expert or that great video which you found on a page on which you landed through a page that you found on the 15th search result link. And those are few of things that help a newbie like you to decide which camera to buy (or to not bother buying one).

This is where we come in. We have been working on this problem for long (not the camera problem, of course). We are experts at searching (and not experts on Cameras or for that matter anything else). Moreover we have built sophisticated tools — tools which let us elevate our search expertise to superhuman levels (hey we can use a hyperbole or two!).

FetchFor.Me provides you a real human being who does the research on your behalf. We excerpt the most important parts from relevant pages and create short beautiful reports that answer your question that you can read on the go. We do our best to make sure that the pages we choose are not promoting an agenda. We believe in earning the money the old-fashioned way — provide valuable service to our customer and charge little something for it (but don’t worry it is FREE right now as we work out the kinks).

FetchForMe is the energy booster that lets you save a substantial amount of time/energy which you can then use on things more important to you. Like going out on a road trip to Lake Tahoe and get inspired with all the natural beauty which brings out the creative side of an amateur photographer who can now put her newly bought big heavy camera (or the smart phone!) to a much better use!