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One of the major challenges of having your own website is getting enough traffic. This is vital to the success of any website, whether it is an Adsense or affiliate website, or an online business. Below is a look at just four ways to boost your traffic.

High-Profile Content Syndication

Article marketing is becoming very challenging, and simply posting your articles to sites such as EzineArticles.com is no longer sufficient. Using article directories is not ineffective, but in order to create maximum exposure, the trick is to home in on high profile content syndication. In simple terms, a great untapped traffic source is to submit your articles to the most popular websites and blogs within your own market. Alternatively, you need to find a great social networking site such as Ning Communities that offers social networks covering every topic imaginable, and more importantly, will provide you with the exposure you need by posting your article on their front page.


If your current website is linked to word press, web development, graphic design, SEO, programming or marketing, tutorials can help attract thousands of visitors. This will also work for many other niches. One of the most popular tutorial sites is instructables.com. Other tutorial sites that will ultimately offer great exposure to your website include tutorialized.com, good-tutorials.com, tutorialkit.com, turotorials-expert.com, tutorialoutpost.com, tutsplus.com, dzone.com, tutorial-index.com, and designfloat.com.

Video Responses

This is a simple but effective untapped traffic source that most people are simply not using today. Video responses can increase your video views by thousands, so this will boost traffic to your site. Simply upload your video to youtube.com, and find a video related to yours that has had lots of hits, and simply post a video response. It is that easy! Once you have submitted a video response, your personal video will automatically be listed in the video response section. This is one of the easiest ways to redirect traffic to your video, and ultimately to your website. It is a very simple but powerful tool that can potentially draw thousands of additional visitors to your site.

Cool Site of the Day

Coolsiteoftheday.com posts the most fascinating websites from around the web on their front page. Anyone can submit their site. Not only does this provide a great link opportunity, but Cool Site of the Day is renowned for sending thousands of visitors to the sites featured on their website. Your site will be featured on their homepage, and it will be included in their email list. The email list goes out to more than 150,000 subscribers. This site has an amazing ripple effect, and some of the featured sites have been mentioned on the BBC News site, USA today and several radio stations.

Building traffic can seem daunting at times, and it can be very expensive too. There are multiple traffic opportunities that most people are not using that can play an important role in the success of your website. Just remember not to rely on one method, as the best strategy always involves a multi-faceted approach.

Another great method for getting traffic that almost no one is using is good old-fashioned media buying.

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