10 best shopping engines to increase your e-commerce sales

Dec 9, 2019 · 4 min read

You created a killer e-commerce platform. Great photos, witty copy, a user-friendly interface. But while it’s easy to get people to like your website, it’s not as easy getting them there. That is where shopping engines come into play — helping attract new customers, drive traffic to your website, boost brand awareness, and increase sales. Here, we’re going to break down the essentials to working with shopping engines and the best ones to work with. Let’s get started.

What is a shopping engine?

Comparison Shopping Engines, also known as CSE’s, aggregate product information from participating e-commerce stores and display it all for potential customers. As the name suggests, they compare different products and prices right alongside one another so consumers quickly and easily can see what the market has to offer.

How does a Comparison Shopping Engine work?

Of course, this service doesn’t come for free. You’re essentially placing an ad on the specific CSE. Typically, you’ll pay every time a customer clicks on your product and is directed to your site. Some comparison shopping engines have a ‘pay for results’ model, though, which means you’ll only pay if a customer who clicked from their CSE to your site actually bought something.

The Best Comparison Shopping Engines For Your Business

  1. Google Shopping
    With 1.5 billion listings, you can’t afford to ignore Google Shopping. It actually works differently than other CSE’s. It places your product at the top of the search when a consumer is already actively looking for that, or similar, products on the regular Google search engine. It’s not an ad based on keywords. It’s based totally on context, which is a huge advantage for e-commerce business owners like yourself.
  2. Bing Shopping
    Another behemoth, Bing Shopping, owns an impressive 11.5 percent market share. Yet, they are small enough, so you get a bigger bang for your buck. For example, where a cost-per-click with Google Shopping would cost $0.48, it’ll cost you just $0.33 with Bing Shopping. Plus, since fewer people use Bing as a whole, including your competition, you have a better chance at making a sale.
  3. Amazon Product Ads
    Some might tell you that Amazon Product Ads isn’t technically a CSE, but it does work very similarly. By registering your product with this program, Amazon will make customized ads that automatically display alongside customer inquiries. You’ll pay per click here, but just getting on Amazon could be huge for brand recognition and awareness for new customers.
  4. Shopzilla
    Not only does Shopzilla have millions of customers who visit monthly, but they have been a well-established CSE player since 1996. Because they’re so big, though, it can be hard for your product to make its mark here. Nonetheless, they run on a cost-per-click model, which means you’ll only pay when customers actually are directed to your site. This also gets serious eyeballs on your product and website — win-win.
  5. Become
    What’s really attractive to customers about Become is that fellow consumers can write their own reviews directly in their CSE platform. It’s also a very budget-conscious CSE. So, this is an especially good choice if you are offering your product at a great value to consumers. Become has no upfront fees, either.
  6. PriceRunner
    Boasting more than 1 million products from 3,000 retailers, PriceRunner is a leading European comparison shopping engine. They can help you tap the market from Sweden and Denmark to France and Germany — getting your product in front of the eyes of a strong and loyal customer base.
  7. ShopAlike
    This is another CSE with a large European customer base. Today, more than 3,500 e-commerce business owners use ShopAlike to serve 13 countries across Europe, making it a great option if you’re trying to reach this market.
  8. Pricena
    Launched in the UAE in 2013, Pricena now serves customers across the Middle East and beyond — from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar to South Africa, Nigeria, and India. As an e-commerce business owner in the Middle East, having your products listed on a regional CSE really could help catapult your growth and brand awareness. Plus, they say they’ll get you up on their site in 72 hours or less.
  9. BizRate
    What customers like about Bizrate is their ability to not only compare products and prices but set price alerts. Not only will you get great access to their loyal customer base, but you even have the opportunity to end up directly on their radar if you put your product on sale or run a promotion.
  10. PriceGrabber
    What’s unique about PriceGrabber is that as an e-commerce business owner who lists on their site, you can track consumer purchase trends as well as product pricing. They’ll also list you on Yahoo Shopping, which means you pretty much get a two-for-one deal by using their CSE.

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