2019 Hottest Products for E-Commerce in the UAE

Trends and E-commerce: A Perfect Marriage

Do you want to get started with your e-commerce venture? Hold on a sec. First, get to know your audience and your market. What are people into? What needs are you trying to satisfy? Is there a demand for what you want to sell?

These questions help you form the foundation of your business model, straight from finances all the way to marketing. This info is also going to help you identify potential opportunities and make a judgment about future trends. But we’ll get into that in a bit.

For now, here’s what’s hot in the UAE’s e-commerce world in 2019:


The smoking culture here in the region is strong. But with more awareness about its harmful effects, people are working towards ditching the cigarette. Tobacco-free vaping is seen as the strong alternative to cigarettes, and considering hectic lifestyles — it also works as relaxational therapy.

Also, vanilla scented thick clouds of smoke make for interesting Instagram stories. Cheap thrills.

There’s always been a lotta talk about fitness and it only seems to be growing. Aerial yoga, kickboxing, pilates, and CrossFit — it’s not just about health but also about having a good time. Not to mention looking good while doing it.

These activities have gained popularity in Dubai specifically with all the government supported initiatives to promote a healthy lifestyle. While there are the convenience and practicality of leggings, there’s also the “athleisure” trend to look out for.

Smart watches are currently all the rage. Apple anticipates Apple Watch sales to rise by 40% this year.

Forbes anticipates the shipment of wearable units to reach a staggering 190 million over the next 3 years.

But this isn’t just about stats — it’s about how people are looking for smartphone level efficiency in an even more convenient form. People are warming up to digital lifestyle-tools, especially health apps like step trackers and sleep monitors. Whether it’s for looks, convenience, health, or all of the above, smartwatches are on everyone’s wrists.

Today, more and more buyers want to test mattresses in the comfort of their homes. If you really think about it, it never made sense to pick a mattress in a few minutes of hurry in a crowded shop. Now you get to not just test the mattress, but truly experience it right at home — where it matters.

Two brands that have changed the mattress-shopping game are Helmii and Whisper. Both prioritize customer comfort and satisfaction. Whisper gives buyers the option of testing the mattress for 40 days and even returning it if it doesn’t provide the right kinda comfort. Helmii strives to be identified as an ‘online sleep store’ that gives users the options of customizing their mattress down to every detail.

The digital space allows them the flexibility and scope for creativity, helping them stand out — and of course, helping people sleep better.

There’s a couple of things that are often reflected in product-popularity — celebrity culture and social media trends. Ladies, think shapewear. With the Kardashian body ideal being endorsed across social media, more and more women are turning to shapewear to go with their favorite fashion trends.

The Global Compression Wear and Shapewear Market size are said to hit $6.4 billion over the next 5 years.

Sure, shapewear could be practical. But let’s face it, its rising popularity is largely driven by Kylie Jenner’s Instagram posts. Just like the Kardashian craze is still going strong, shapewear is probably not going anywhere anytime soon.

Maternity Dresses
Disposable incomes are getting higher and more soon-to-be moms are looking at experimenting with fashion. The global maternity apparel market is expected to exceed $7 billion in the next 3 years. This has been a growing trend in Europe, with a trickle-down effect onto the rest of the global markets.

Dubai is an international destination for fashion, plus ‘mommy influencer’ culture is on the rise, so the trend has caught on quick. With online shopping, women can take their time browsing through different looks in the comfort of their homes. Goodbye to traffic and tiring trips to the mall, hello to browsing while testing out your new mattress.

While info about what’s currently trending is useful, it’s also important to understand features unique to the UAE market. Keep an eye out for our next guide on how to pick the right product for the UAE.

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