5 Reasons Why Social Media Matters For Growing Your E-commerce Business

May 2 · 6 min read

Face it, savvy business owners — we live in a modern, technological era that’s ruled by a digital world.

If any of us want to make it in this digital age — especially in the e-commerce business — it’s time to get with the program, roll up our sleeves, and bring out the big guns.

In other words, it’s time to take to social media.

You might be wondering why social media is such a hot topic in the e-commerce business world. You might even be wondering why it matters if you learn how to tweet, post on Instagram, run a Facebook account, or manage a Google Business page. Trust us, it does.

If you’re not fluent in the social media craze, don’t fret. That’s what we’re here to explain.

As a business owner, you already know the value of keeping up with the ever-evolving marketing trends, customer service needs, and brand recognition associated with your industry. In a way, social media helps you tackle all three of those niches — and more — in a powerful, modern way.

Read on to learn why we think social media matters when it comes to growing your e-commerce business!

How Can Social Media Grow Your E-Commerce Business?

No matter what size business you’re running — from a tiny e-commerce shop to an enormous company — you need a social media presence if you want your e-commerce shop to thrive.

Social media helps your business grow in so many ways — from simply connecting better with your customers to boosting your conversion rates. Being social media savvy can instrumentally increase the traffic to your shop, become an inexpensive marketing tool, provide authority for your brand, and — perhaps best of all — help you understand how better to run your business.

1. Improves Your Brand Recognition

Few things are more important for a company’s brand than recognition and awareness. Why? Because being able to set yourself apart and create a recognizable brand is what’s going to differentiate you from your competitors in your industry.

If your brand is noticeable, memorable, and recognizable, you’re driving consumer decisions, encouraging repeat purchases, and creating an awareness about your brand that will diminish your competitors.

Social media is a huge tool for brand recognition. With it, you’re creating platforms to spread your messages, disseminate your brand’s aesthetics and ethics, and channel your voice by creating and sharing helpful, informative, and branded content.

With this, you’re doing a few things at once. You’re opening your brand up to a new market, with a new audience. You’re creating a platform that’s entirely about channeling your voice, and you’re making it easier for your customers to create a dialogue with you.

In the end, this can create powerful brand recognition, as well as brand loyalty, a powerful tool for a business.

2. Acts as a Useful Conversion Tool

At its core, social media might just seem like pretty pictures and branded content, but it’s so much more than that.

An exceptional social media strategy and marketing plan can become an easy, intuitive way to create more opportunities for conversion as well as driving higher conversion rates for your e-commerce business.

With social media, your goal is building up a following of people — customers or not — who you can connect with, share with, and interact with. Through this, you’re able to increase your conversions — the more interactions with followers, the higher the chance they’ll click through to your site, browse, and purchase from you.

No, you can’t guarantee that every single comment, like, or share from your social media platform will ensure that you get a conversion or make a sale. But social media heartily improves your chances and increases your opportunities for conversion.

A great example of this tactic is Marvel — a brand with excellent recognition and authority. However, no matter how famous and known Marvel is, they never slack on their social media channels or campaigns. Marvel utilized social media to help make buying tickets to their movies easier. How? They took a look at how to eliminate the step-by-step process of “see a cool post about a movie, follow the bio link to the website where you can see movie times, follow a new link where you can purchase tickets” and so on. The conversation rates were suffering because of how many steps it took.

So, they utilized social media tools like the “swipe up story” feature to make the process simpler. Once a user swiped up on their social media, they could buy a ticket in under a minute without leaving the app. The result? A 68 percent increase in their social media conversion rates.

Another great thing about social media for e-commerce conversions? It helps to give your brand a voice. You’re no longer just a brand name without a personality. You’re humanized, making it easier for people to trust you and purchase from you.

3. Creates Your Brand’s Authority

Typically, the more followers a brand has on social media and the more established they are on social media, the more an audience will trust you.

Often, a company’s goal is establishing its brand as the most authoritative voice within their industry. Social media and a strong online presence are two of the biggest ways to position your brand as the expert within your industry.

Why? Because people buy from the brands they trust — they buy from the experts.

To put it simply, if people trust your brand and view you as the expert within your industry, your conversion rates are likely to increase. Because digital marketing and social media have become the pinnacle of authority. Establishing a healthy, reliable, and active social media presence is the key to establishing authority.

4. Draws in New Visitors

Think of every social media platform as an opportunity for an entirely new audience to discover your brand. If you’re relying solely on your website, you’re limited — no matter how finely tuned your SEO strategy is for that site.

With every new social media avenue, you’re granting your brand the opportunity to be viewed by millions of new customers — whether they’re searching for a brand like yours or not. Further, the more quality content you put out, and the more followers you gain because of it, the better your visibility will become.

Investing time and effort into a solid social media strategy can help boost your viewers immensely!

5. Improves Your SEO (Significantly)

Because you’re an online business, you’ve certainly heard the term SEO before. In fact, if it’s not a vital part of your online strategy for your e-commerce business, you’re missing out on some key information.

SEO — put in its simplest terms — is the measurement of how your business ranks within specific search engines. Obviously, the higher up you’re listed in a search result, the better your choices of driving traffic to your site.

Although SEO is ever-evolving and the practices constantly are being refined, there’s one thing that hasn’t changed in a while. Search engines such as Google, are combing through social media platforms and using that presence as a way to rank your business.

For that reason alone, being active on social media is a must for online brands. Because it acts as a flag for search engines dubbing your site to be credible and trustworthy.

The better your social media standing, the better you’ll rank. Of course, the opposite is true, too.

Social media is a vital component of any modern business — especially if that business is an e-commerce brand. By investing in social media — with time, effort, and resource allocation — you’re investing in your brand’s future. Because it’s ever-changing, it’s important to get on the social media train now. When you do, you’ll likely find creative ways to better your brand, improve your conversions, and market to your audience.

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