7 ways to turn packaging inserts into a brand loyalty generator

Dec 16, 2019 · 6 min read

Customer loyalty is more than getting customers to buy repeatedly from you. Customer loyalty requires building a strong relationship with your customers, evoking feelings of trust, and mutual respect.

Much like in everyday life, it’s the little things that show us that somebody cares. In terms of e-commerce, this little thing can be refreshingly simple and affordable. Discover the secret of sweet small packaging inserts!

Why Brands Prize Customer Loyalty

A severe business does not act as a revolving door. Being good at attracting customers, but failing to keep them, may seem like a viable “some you win, some you lose” strategy for a limited time. Yet, acquiring a new customer is 5 to 25 times more expensive than keeping the existing one.

If we take into account that 20–50 percent of purchases are driven by word-of-mouth, it is safe to predict that the negativity surrounding your brand simply will snowball in time and ultimately destroy your ability to acquire new customers.

On the other hand, good businesses know that nurturing customer loyalty is proven to pay off in the long run. Your chances of getting sales are better: according to Forbes, the probability of selling to existing customers is 60–70 percent, while it falls to just 5–20 percent for new prospects.

On top of that, increasing customer retention rates by 5 percent increases profits between 25 percent and 95 percent.

There are many ways to build customer loyalty: high-quality products, timely product development, and good customer service. Numerous articles have been written on that topic, so we won’t repeat them. We are here to show you how to explore the little things that can go a long way.

How Packaging Wins Customers’ Hearts

We’ve already discussed the magic of the perfect unboxing experience. It comes down to the fact that we naturally associate unwrapping gifts with pleasant feelings such as love, anticipation, and surprise.

The core philosophy of building brands and nurturing brand loyalty is tapping into customers’ emotions and needs. Nike explores its customers’ competitiveness, motivation, and drive for excellence. Coca-Cola associates its brand with a sense of closeness and belonging.

Similarly, reaching out to your customers by turning each purchased product into a little gift for a beloved person inspires warm feelings of trust and happiness. Now let’s explore how packaging inserts can go from a dull receipt to a special personal message that will increase your sales and boost your customer loyalty.

7 Packaging Insert Ideas

Since the act of unboxing the product is deeply personal, start by asking yourself — who are my customers, and what do they want? The better you know your customers, the easier it is to fully personalize packaging inserts. Although you know who your target market is, we suggest you go a step further and define your buyer persona.

Buyer personas are profiles detailing your average customer’s age, income, education, occupation, lifestyle, and attitudes. The purpose of a buyer persona is to help you see your customer as an actual person standing in front of you. Here you will find a guide on creating buyer personas. It will help you find the right tone in your packaging inserts.

Now let’s explore the packaging inserts ideas — starting from the most affordable solutions.

1. Personalized Notes

What is a gift without a nice, heartwarming, personal note? When it comes to product packaging, the first thing that comes to mind is a thank you note. It is a simple way to show that you appreciate the customer who put their trust in your business. The feeling of appreciation and being valued is one of the core drivers of the customer experience.

Simple, handwritten, personal, super-effective. (Source: StickerMule)

However, you also can go a step further and add personalized notes — movie or book quotes, little motivational messages, fortune cookie-style predictions, etc. Since the customer already purchased something from you, you have enough information about them to get the general idea about their interests and preferences.

2. Product Offers

Depending on the brand, product offers can be created using either a formal and conversational tone. It is a simple way to upsell or drive repeated purchases. You can offer complementary products. For example, if somebody bought an eyeshadow palette, your packaging insert could be an offer for a set of makeup brushes or mascara.

Of course, the offers also can include the products that have been lingering in the warehouse for a while, pre-orders for the upcoming products, etc.

3. Review Requests

Word of mouth generates between 10–50 percent of purchases. Around 84 percent of consumers consider their friends’ and family’s recommendations as the most trustworthy source. The goal is clear — you want to have a lot of product reviews, and you want them to be good.

This customizable packaging insert template is available on Etsy. (Source: Etsy/CraftyCode)

Packaging inserts encouraging customers to leave you a product review is one of the ways to get them. A sweet personalized message is great for building brand loyalty because:

  • It shows you care about the customer’s opinion.
  • It shows you are willing to improve and develop.

However, keep in mind that it is a bad business practice to offer incentives in exchange for reviews. So, if you are going to ask for this, do it in a kind, friendly way, but steer clear from nudging the customer toward leaving a positive review.

4. Share and engagement requests

Similarly, you can use packaging inserts for engagement requests. For example, you can remind customers to follow you on social media or sign up for your email list.

A flashy packaging insert can challenge them to join a social media game and post their photos with your product. You can encourage the customer to fill out a feedback survey. Since the survey isn’t public, you are free to offer incentives in exchange for valuable insights.

5. Discounts and coupons

Moving on to a little bit pricier strategy — using packaging inserts to offer discounts, coupons, and free shipping. You can send several of these inserts. Ask your customers to share them with their friends or give them a limited time frame to use the coupons on their own.

(Source: StickerMule)

These packaging inserts work well coupled with product offers.

6. Samples

Free samples are an incredibly popular tool for sales conversion because they enable customers, as well as their friends and family, to try the product risk-free. These packaging inserts can include complementary products, as well as upcoming and new products.

Samples coupled with a thank you note. (Source: Instagram/DiaryofaMedic)

7. Gifts

We decided to differentiate between gifts and samples because gifts don’t necessarily have to include your product, nor promote it. Packaging inserts in the form of gifts can include sweets, partner’s products, drawings, or coupons for giveaways during the next purchase.

Galen Leather offers small gifts in its packages, and also sends customized branded receipts with maintenance instructions. (Source: Instagram/DebbieClark5)

Whatever you decide to put in your product package, keep in mind that the main purpose of gifts is not to sell. The gift should be just what its name says — a little thing that shows you care.


Packaging inserts don’t cost a lot of money. With a little bit of creativity and a palette of packaging insert templates, you easily can get miles ahead of your competition with such a simple gesture.

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