Building an E-Commerce Shop? Keep These Things in Mind


Are you finally ready to kickstart your dream of creating an online shop? Do you know exactly what you’ll sell, what your brand will be, and how you’ll meet customers’ needs? If so, you’re already off to a good start, but what comes next is most important of all — building your e-commerce shop.

Obviously, as an online store, your website and online shop are the bread and butter of your business — how you build it, the considerations you put into it, and the way you value your customers’ experience is going to determine your success.

Building an e-commerce shop is about more than choosing a complementary color scheme, choosing a designer, and picking out a theme — there are several things you should consider as you build up your e-commerce site!

If you’re starting to get overwhelmed, don’t worry, we’ve got good news — we’ve laid out some of the most important factors you should consider when building your website. Keep these tips and features in mind as you create your online store and you’ll craft a successful online shop in no time!

Mobile Website Options

Did you know that most people are visiting websites on their mobile devices rather than on their laptops or desktops? In fact, most users are spending about five hours daily on their smartphones and devices, and about 70 percent of web traffic happens on a mobile device.

Mobile Usage Stats by BCG

What’s that mean for your website? It should be built with mobile in mind! Your online shop should have a responsive design template that’s accessible for users at any time from any place — desktop or iPhone.

Much of this has to do with the concept of immediacy — when consumers see something they like from an online shop, they don’t want to wait. They want to purchase ASAP. Providing them with the means to do so will undoubtedly boost your sales while also providing them with a better, faster, and more pleasant user experience.

In short, accessible websites are the key to creating the ultimate customer experience.

Advanced Navigation & Search Functions

Think about your online shop for a moment. Do you consider it to be user-friendly? If you’re looking for something specific on your site, how easily (and how quickly) can you find it? If you’re scratching your head and are unsure of the answers to these questions, it’s likely your navigation and search functions aren’t functional enough.

Your site’s navigation and search functions are two of the most vital keys to your website. As an online retail shop (which, unfortunately, are a dime a dozen), it’s critical that you set yourself apart by creating a fast, easy-to-use, and efficient search function.

Consider your search bar placement. Consider the functionality of your navigation. Is there a good flow to your tools? Neither of these functions should be hidden or difficult to use — they should be in plain sight and entirely functional.

Have you ever browsed the online shop Fashion Nova? This e-commerce store placed its search bar tool at the very top of their page and it resulted in a 40 percent increased conversion rate.

Fashion Nova search stands out by letting users sort by sale items or new items, among other filters

By focusing on the search bar (like Footsmart, which includes a sophisticated and useful search function), using intelligent autocomplete in your search tool, and incorporating smarter breadcrumbs into your site can boost your functionality!

Loading Times

Your site’s loading times matter so much more than you might think. The longer the loading time, the bigger the bounce rate — in other words, if your website takes forever to load, you’ll be bouncing away potential customers left and rate.

Even the slightest delay, like a 100-millisecond, in load time can cause your conversion rates to drop by 7 percent.

Further, and more in line with the point we made earlier about mobile, according to Unbounce, about 46 percent of people say that waiting for pages to load is what the dislike most about browsing the web on mobile. That’s why it’s vital to have your e-commerce site optimized for mobile.

If a page takes 1–3 seconds to load, the probability of a bounce increases to about 32 percent. If it takes 1–5 seconds, that bounce rate increases to 90 percent. Anywhere from 1–10s seconds increases the bounce rates by about 123 percent.

Source: Google Report On Mobile Page Speed

What’s even worse is you could be driving away customers forever. About 79 percent of online shoppers say that if they have trouble with a site’s performance, they won’t return to that site to buy again.

High-Quality Images

People are visiting your site for a purpose — to shop. But more than that, they’re visiting your site for the experience, and when it comes to experience, aesthetics and images matter.

Studies show that store visitors are primarily and predominantly engaged by visual elements. The better those elements, the more inclined they are to stick around and explore your site. Think of the images on your site as a handshake — they’re your first impression. What do they say about your site, your brand, your mission?

Source: Old World Kitchen

Further, a high-quality photo of your product (or products) is vital because you’re providing visual proof of what you’re selling. An online shopper can’t physically pick up an object, get a feel for it, and make ad decision. The photo is all they have. Think about your photos on your site — are they good enough to make that sale?

Fast Guest Check-Out Options

Consumers tend to shy away from e-commerce shops that have lengthy, detailed, and annoying check out processes. Think about it — that’s essentially like waiting in line, right? Which is likely one of the reasons your potential client is shopping online to begin with.

The easiest ways to speed up the check-out process are by offering Google autofill forms, not requiring registration before purchasing, and avoiding frivolity, like asking for a second street address.

The features we mentioned above should help you on your journey toward preparing your online shop! Building an online store is challenging, but with determination, willpower, and the right partners, you’ll be able to meet your customers’ needs and garner the success you’ve dreamed of! These tips, simple as they might seem, can absolutely help you attract and retain customers, keep them happy, and boost your sales!

always strive to offer faster, smarter services.

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