How Fetchr’s “Rango” is changing the delivery game

Sep 26 · 5 min read

If you’re anything like us, when you have a package on the way, you probably check your phone multiple times a day. You want to ensure that it’s still on schedule, feel the excitement build as the package’s location updates, and you feel genuinely giddy when what you ordered is supposedly waiting at your front door for you when you get off work.

Is there anything more deflating than rushing home only to find your much-anticipated package hasn’t been delivered? Worse still, finding that a time-sensitive delivery has been delayed or, God forbid, lost? In moments like these, it’s difficult to not feel an overwhelming frustration with the company you trusted to deliver your package on time and with care.

The same applies to businesses who rely on accurate, punctual deliveries in order to perform to their highest standards. If a package is delayed or lost, deadlines might not be met, leading to a significant loss of income and a decline in customers’ trust. In 2019, the world of business moves faster than ever and shows no sign of slowing down. As such, even the most minor of miscommunications can spell trouble for those relying on deliveries for their livelihood!

Of course, to err is human, and numerous variables can factor into a package being delivered incorrectly or off schedule. Route optimization is dependent on customer preferences, including preferred day of delivery, delivery location, and so on. Then, the physical space on each delivery truck must be considered. If trucks are over- or under-filled, delivery efficiency is reduced dramatically. There are several factors that influence delivery times and accuracy, like driver optimization, scheduling, and capacity — this often includes optimizing the best time, truck, and driver for each of our millions of packages. There are even localized issues, such as fuel costs or driver connectivity that can affect delivery and accuracy as well.

Fetchr — and its irreplaceable, behind-the-scenes innovators — have never accepted these issues as unsolvable and have worked tirelessly to develop a solution.

Aamir Hussain, the lead software engineer at Fetchr, was convinced that the inefficiencies behind delivery failures could not only be reduced, but could be all but eliminated with the use of state-of-the-art technologies. In March of 2019, he began developing Rango, a new system to do just that. By April, testing had started, examining 100 orders a day, and the system excelled. Only a week later, that number increased to 500. Soon, the United Arab Emirates and a handful of major cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had implemented the system.

Rango’s unique features

The goal of Rango is to reduce human inefficiencies on a large scale, reducing human error without compromising on the performance in operations and call centers, while simultaneously benefiting customers directly by improving delivery performance. Of course, goals are worth very little without a viable action plan. With that in mind, we know what you’re thinking — Rango and the motivation behind it sounds great, but what exactly is Rango? Well, we’re glad you asked!

At its core, Rango is a software that utilizes Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand any given address. The reason this is so important to accuracy and efficiency has everything to do with human workload and the undefined structure of postal addresses in the GCC region. Because there is a lack of standardization in the GCC region, overburdened workers can very easily misinterpret or overlook important components of a delivery address. While innocent, these small mistakes can lead to big consequences. Rango solves this problem by accurately interpreting each element in a given address.

For example, if an address is given as “Al Raha Building al Barsha 1 near mall of emirates Dubai UAE,” Rango could process and interpret it as follows:

Al Raha Building = Name of Building

Al Barsha 1 = Locality

Mall of Emirates = Landmark

Dubai = City

UAE = Country

The system also learns over time, by analyzing customer behavior and previous delivery patterns to maximize efficiency and aid in the scheduling of future deliveries. This precision and predictive ability are at the center of what makes Rango such an effective tool both now and in the future — it grows more useful as it gains experience.

By allowing a system equipped with language processing and machine learning to do this tedious work, Fetchr employees can utilize their time in more effective ways and reduce the possibility of accidentally entering an address incorrectly, thereby helping more packages arrive at the correct locations on time. Rango also performs scheduling duties, saving customers the annoyance of having to do it themselves or interact with the call center.

The name Rango may seem like an unusual name for such a sophisticated system. while the origins are a bit goofy, the reasoning makes complete sense. In 2011, the animated movie Rango, starring Johnny Depp, hit theaters.

Rango is a chameleon, born to blend in, yet struggling to stand out. The movie follows his journey as a series of unpredictable events and thrilling adventures transform him from just a face in the crowd to a truly outstanding hero. Fetchr’s system, while not represented by a spunky reptile or voiced by Johnny Depp, is similar in its storyline. Without the desire to stand out or the ability to overcome difficulties, Fetchr’s Rango never would have grown into the innovative masterpiece it is today.

With the explosive growth that Fetchr — and the delivery service industry as a whole — has experienced in recent years, the need for employees has skyrocketed, leading to huge expenses for companies and overwhelming pressure on workers. The more workload placed on employees, the more frequently mistakes are made. Rango helps reduce both the cost of hiring large numbers of new employees and the workload placed on current workers. This allows the company to continue allocating funds toward growth, development, and innovation while also helping its employees to work at peak performance.

The tremendous benefits of Rango are not limited to the delivery company and its employees. Businesses and consumers ordering and receiving the packages are positively impacted as well by the accuracy and punctuality Rango facilitates. Reliability is key in the fast-paced world in which we live, and Rango ensures that time — and money — won’t be wasted.

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