How Technology is Changing Delivery Services

Jul 11 · 4 min read

An Interview with a Fetchr Tech Lead — Amit Priyadarshi

Fetchr Tech Lead — Amit Priyadarshi

Technology is integral to any business that is successful today, and a huge part of what makes Fetchr stand out in its field. We spoke with one of the company’s tech leads, Amit Priyadarshi, to see how Fetchr gives him the freedom to experiment and how that has helped him excel in his career. He also explains how learning from the people on the ground who are actually are responsible for making deliveries has influenced the development of their technology, and how that technology is making drivers’ jobs easier in return.

Interviewer: How has Fetchr and its culture given you the freedom to excel and maximize your potential as a tech lead?

Amit Priyadarshi: I joined Fetchr as a software engineer, and the company saw potential in me, so they invested in me and gave me more responsibility. This helped lead to the next career stage for me, tech lead.

As a tech lead, there are a few key necessities needed to perform well and excel, or even to elevate your work to the next level. You need to have the freedom to experiment, the freedom to make decisions, and the freedom to decide which new technologies to adopt or not adopt.

At the time, the company was in a complex situation. We needed to scale to six times what we currently were, and to achieve that scale, we needed new customers. New customers, of course, mean new strategies and new requirements.

In a complex situation such as this, you have to embrace change and be willing to adapt. You have to ensure you are able to scale that drastically while keeping your colleagues happy. As a tech lead, I could not expect them to work all 24 hours in a day. It’s a challenging position in which to find balance.

Thankfully, Fetchr consistently shows trust in me. They believe that I’m capable of handling this and other difficult circumstances. In the last nine months, we completely revamped our entire app and added almost twenty new features to it. We also were able to accomplish our goal and scale to over six times what we were when we started.

Fetchr gave me the freedom to excel at my job and it resulted in a new, improved version of the app. As I was dealing with the problems associated with growth, my managers offered me the right amount of guidance to make the best possible decisions. They empowered me and gave me the opportunity to do my best work, but also were there to help me when I needed it.

Interviewer: What was one of the projects you were most involved in since you joined Fetchr?

Amit Priyadarshi: I’ve worked on many projects. In fact, my team and I have worked on more than twenty features. One of the features most dear to me, though, was order-bucketing. It was challenging to really figure out, but ultimately very rewarding.

Let’s say a particular driver has fifty orders. In the past, they were kind of using a manual algorithm in their mind to determine which order they should deliver first. There was no optimization. Everything was done in their heads or on paper, and while they had experience, and this experience was translated into their work, our system was not receiving this information. We were not aware of how they were arranging the orders.

To solve this problem, I developed a project of order-bucketing. This project gave drivers the freedom to continue arranging their orders, but created communication between those arrangements and our system. Then, we add some machine learning to figure out how they were arranging orders. In other words, what was the pattern?

For the last four or five months, we have used this technology to make order delivery arrangements automatically. The drivers still have the freedom to change it, but we are giving them a schedule with which to start. The challenging nature and subsequent success of this project make it one of the best that I have done.

Interviewer: Why was it so important for you to make a driver’s experience smooth?

Amit Priyadarshi: Drivers are the core of our company. Without them, everything we do is just conceptual. They are the ones who actually are doing what we as a company are trying to do. Fetchr is a delivery company, and they are the ones out in the field actually delivering the packages.

Ideally, their entire focus would be on delivering the package. They should not be concerned with the functions of the app. Apps should be obvious and user-friendly. They should be there to enable ease and efficiency. As a tech team, we try to provide our drivers with the best, smoothest experience possible.

We accomplished this through thorough research, and a lot of trial and error. We conducted several surveys, experimented with different versions of the app, and figured out which version best facilitated the work of our drivers. Best of all, this development benefits both the drivers and the company. They get to focus on the task at hand, and the company enjoys increased efficiency and employee satisfaction. Every aspect of the process just performs at a higher level.

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