John Patrick — From customer service representative to regional client relationship manager: His journey through Fetchr

Sep 9 · 4 min read

At Fetchr, we’re proud to employ people from all walks of life.

From first-time employees to people with seasoned careers in another field, Fetchr happily opens their arms to qualified, diverse, and hardworking people.

One of those people is John Patrick.

John is a lot of things. He’s a badminton enthusiast (he plays two to three times a week without fail). He’s a chef-in-progress. And he’s also the Regional Client Relationship Manager at Fetchr. If you asked John years ago where his life was going, what his career would look like, and what he’d find his passion in, he wouldn’t have answered Fetchr. Now? He can’t imagine his life without it.

John’s day-to-day job is to blaze the path for other account managers who work in different countries, help them get organized, and lead the way for other managers like him. But that’s not where John started.

Before John joined Fetchr, he was a registered nurse in the Philippines. It was only when he journeyed to Dubai, eager to explore new opportunities (although he had no idea of a specific opportunity in mind), that he found Fetchr. When he first was hired on with us, John was added to our team as a customer service representative. Six months later, he was promoted to account manager. The promotions kept coming, and now, John works in the midst of a complex, but rewarding, world he never dreamed he would.

“My journey in Fetchr was unexpected, to say the least,” John said. “But it has molded both the personal and the professional aspects of my life.”

When John joined Fetchr, he was onboarded at the hustle-and-bustle stage. In other words, he was just climbing on board when the startup stage really was alive and kicking! He had to learn everything from scratch — creating Excel sheets, understanding business models, creating solutions for clients, scaling internal processes, even delivering a package or two.

Was it hectic? Absolutely. But more than that, John found it rewarding. Fulfilling, even. Being a part of something bigger than himself was enlightening and paved the way for him to learn lessons he never dreamed possible. Initially, he hadn’t anticipated learning so much, diving into such unexplored territory. But from the very beginning, John discovered this experience was going to be very different.

“I’m so grateful to the Fetchr founders. They saw something in me. They never limited my exposure,” he said. “In fact, they only supported and guided me. Even though I didn’t know everything. Even though I wasn’t as experienced. Imagine being a person who doesn’t have the background on system development, but still being included in the brainstorming sessions on new features — that was me. I felt so valued and, through that action, I saw that I was making an impact within Fetchr.”

John’s value within our company only grew — something he truly began to recognize when Fetchr began attracting larger, more well-known companies. Fetchr entrusted John with these accounts, recognizing his hard work, his determination to learn, and his natural skill for managing accounts. For John, that’s when he truly knew he made the right call taking a chance and changing his life with a startup company.

“Fetchr doesn’t care about credentials that might not matter,” John said. “They trust their employees based on their potential and on their contributions. I know this is where my self-motivation comes from — I’m constantly striving to improve and make a positive impact on a company that’s made such a substantial impact on me.”

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