Ready to find new customers fast? These digital tools are the ticket!

Oct 7 · 4 min read

You’ve set up your e-commerce business. Your site looks great, your products are wonderful, and your customer service is top-notch. But something is missing — clients!

Sure, you have a few regulars who visit and purchase from you. But the key to growing your e-commerce business is constantly attracting and drawing in new customers! After all, isn’t that the beauty of your online business? Because you’re not limited by a brick and mortar store, your client base can become as big as you can handle!

If your business is ready to take on a new wave of clients, it’s time to equip yourself with the tools you’ll need to build up your new customer base fast and efficiently! Luckily, an entire e-commerce industry is targeted specifically at providing entrepreneurs such as yourself with the digital tools needed to draw in new customers.

The problem? So many tools are out there. How are you to know which digital tools might work best for you? Fetchr is here to help solve that problem for you. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite digital tools designed to help you attract new clients, grow your business, and create a streamlined process for a continual increase in your clientele!

Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing tools might seem like a thing of the past, but before you pass them off as antiquated, know that email marketing campaigns are consistently some of the best strategies for drawing in and maintaining new clients! New email marketing tools are packed with great features too! You can create custom templates, segment your campaigns, and even truly get down to the nitty-gritty details, with data-driven analyzation. Creating clever, incentive-heavy email marketing campaigns can ensure your business is a huge success. And with easy-to-use digital tools, you don’t need to be an email campaign expert to make it happen. Check out a few of the options here!

· Mail Chimp

· Campaign Monitor

· Constant Contact

· SendinBlue

· Drip

Social Media Management Platforms

You probably already know that integrating social media platforms into your digital marketing plan is a huge part of drawing in customers. But, what’s the point of having those platforms if you’re not able to manage them correctly? Scheduling great content, staying on top of your social listening skills, and analyzing your online data are huge parts of increasing your customer base. So, it only makes sense that you’d add on a digital tool or two to help you along this journey. We’ve laid out a few social media management platforms below that we think can take your social media marketing and analysis to the next level (Which, in turn, will take your customer base to the next level too!)

· HootSuite

· Buffer

· BuzzSumo

· Social Pilot

· Agorapulse

SEO Tools

Your SEO always will be a huge factor when it comes to drawing in new clients. Why? Because you’re an e-commerce marketplace. If you’re using the right keywords and positioning yourself correctly online, you’ll attract all kinds of customers — both ones who know they are looking for you and the ones who don’t! Check out a few of these awesome SEO tools that can help you boost your SEO game!

· SEMRush

· Moz

· AgencyAnalytics

· Serpstat

· RavenTools

Lead Conversion Tools

There’s more to getting new clients than just social media, though. Sometimes, you need to invest in digital tools that are a little bit more data-driven and smarter. That’s where lead conversion tools come in! Check out a few of these awesome digital, lead-conversion tools here!

· WishPond

· Klaviyo

· BuzzStream

E-Commerce Analytical Tools

Of course, the only way to know what’s working for your business and what’s not is taking a look at the data to understand what needs to change and what you should continue doing. That’s where digital analytical tools come in! From your social media to your website analytics, data is endlessly helpful for efficiently growing your customer base. Check out a few of these e-commerce analytical tools that can help you better understand how to add to your customer base!

· Metrilo

· Google Analytics

· VWO Visual Website Optimizer

· Optimizely Analytics

Investing in a few helpful, efficient digital tools can take your e-commerce business to new heights! Sometimes, who you partner with can help improve your customer base. Whether it’s shipping, lead conversion companies, or e-commerce analytics, adding on the right helpful, value-packed digital tools can draw in new customers and grow your e-commerce business!

We are Fetchr; a company specialized in e-fulfillment. We help e-commerce entrepreneurs grow their business in the Middle East. Let’s make it happen! One box at a time. Learn more here.

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