The need-to-know tips for boosting cross-border e-commerce business

Sep 19 · 4 min read

When it comes to taking your e-commerce business a step further and crossing international borders, it can seem overwhelming. Don’t get us wrong — cross-border business can be an enormous boon to your company. That being said, just the idea of breaking into a new region can seem dizzying.

Your head might be buzzing with questions: How do I even start? What’s my first step? How do I attract clients in a totally different place?

We’ve got you covered.

At Fetchr, we know how confusing and overwhelming it can be to take your online business international, but we’re here to help. We’ve listed some of the top tips you need to know to boost your cross-border e-commerce business right here. Check them out!

Take it Slow & Be Smart

As anxious and excited as you are to take on the entire world, the best advice we can offer is go slowly, consult your domain data, and invest time (and sometimes money) in understanding the e-commerce market of each country you want to include in your cross-border business.

Take the time to analyze your international competitors. Try understanding what they’re doing. What’s their pricing like? How do they market? Do they use a different language than you? Pay special attention to what they’re doing to see what works, what doesn’t, and what you can improve on.

Beef Up Your Social Media

Just having an amazing website isn’t enough anymore. Sure, it’s obviously vital for your business’s success, but if people don’t even know how to find you, what does it matter if you have an incredible website? That’s’ where social media comes in. Because you’re not a physical shop, you don’t have the luxury of people in the area happening by your store. That being said, you also have a huge advantage — anybody in the world can shop with you. They just have to find you first. Enter social media — an absolutely vital piece of your cross-border e-commerce business puzzle. Ensure you’re properly using popular social media channels to get your brand out there. Without a social media presence, it’ll be much harder for customers to find you! Plus, it’s a great way to interact with your customers as well as incentivize them to shop with you!

Understand and Improve SEO

This might be the most important advice we ever give you — don’t ignore SEO. Just like social media is an exceptional tool to introduce people to your brand, SEO is the ultimate way for people to find your company — even if they’re not looking for you. Search engine optimization should be an enormous part of your e-commerce strategy. By optimizing your website and more with SEO, you’re ensuring customers can find you, your business, and your website. Do your research, invest some time into what SEO keywords could best benefit you, and be sure to include this as part of your SEO strategy.

Make Checkout Easy & Offer a Multitude of Payment Options

Because you took on the cross-border business at a slow but steady pace, you likely gave yourself the opportunity to understand the similarities and differences among the countries you’re adding to your e-commerce. Understanding the preferences of each country (especially when it comes to payment) can be integral to your success.

Try to understand which country prefers which payment method, see where they overlap, and above all, do your very best to offer a multitude of payment options. The more limited those options are, the more likely you are to drive customers away. If you do your research and offer a specific country’s overwhelmingly preferred payment method, you’re making it one step easier for that ccountry’s residents to shop in your online store.

Do your very best to make checkout seamless and easy. After all, the easier it is to buy something, the more people will end up buying, right?

Remember, as intimidating and overwhelming as an international e-commerce business might seem, you totally can handle it. Take these tips into account and get ready to transform your local, e-commerce business into an internationally-accessed online shop!

We are Fetchr; a company specialized in e-fulfillment. We help e-commerce entrepreneurs grow their business in the Middle East. Let’s make it happen! One box at a time. Learn more here.

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