What Do Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Steve Jobs Have in Common?


The Entrepreneurial NEED-TO-KNOWS For Your Business

Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs — big names, and even bigger businesses. You know them, you admire them, and you aspire to be like them. But where do you start?

In a world full of entrepreneurs, business owners, and dream chasers, what is it about these rock stars that set them apart from the millions of others who tried? And further, what can help set you apart from all the other entrepreneurial hopefuls out there?

That’s what we’re here to answer.

In a business realm so full of opportunity, there’s endless advice out there for business owners such as you, who are looking to succeed. But how do you know which to follow, which to ignore, and which to apply to your daily business life?

Our suggestion? Take a hint from the big-timers and try following their advice — especially if it clicks for you.

We’ve dug up some of the skills, characteristics, and tips that helped to build the successful careers of these three entrepreneurial giants. Read up, be inspired, and give them a try on your own entrepreneurial journey.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go For It

When you think of all three of these entrepreneurial legends and try assessing their personalities, what’s the first word that comes to mind? For us, it’s drive.

Each of these men was incredibly driven — they faced hardship, they faced failure, they faced a lot of doubt. But none of that mattered. They weren’t afraid to follow their passions, pursue their dreams, and wholly embrace their talents to get where they wanted to be.

No, we’re not saying that by just embracing your dream you’re going to succeed overnight — they certainly didn’t. But that’s not what entrepreneurial spirit — or success — is about. It’s about leaning into your passions wholly, letting your dream drive you, and not being afraid to fail.

Sure, this is a general statement. But the right attitude and perspective can take you far in life — and in business. Once you forgo the fear and fully embrace your drive, you’re on the right track.

Analyze What Works and What Doesn’t

According to Entreprenuer.Com, one of the things these men had in common was remarkable pattern recognition. In other words, they were able to recognize — after learning and analyzing for years — what was going to work and what wasn’t.

To be a successful entrepreneur on a macro scale, this means you need to be familiar with the world around you. Be aware of trends and patterns. Keep up with current events, new inventions, and your evolving industry.

On a micro scale, this means understanding the patterns of your own business — knowing what works, what doesn’t, and the driving reasons why. That way, you can curb your failures in the future based upon knowledge you’ve gleaned in the past.

Lean into the idea of keeping data, analyzing that data (no matter how basic it might be), and learning to recognize the patterns of your own business.

Be Confident In Yourself and Your Team

If you don’t have a profound belief in yourself, your company, and your team, what’s the point of throwing your life and effort into it?

Having a visionary idea is a great start, creating a new product is a great start, and wanting to work hard is a great start — but if you don’t trust yourself, the process, and the people you’re working with, you’re never fully devoting yourself to your dream.

Invest yourself, your life, and your efforts into your idea — Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and Elon Musk did this fully, even when it meant failure.

You’re going to face tough odds. You’re going to deal with high risk. You’re probably going to start your venture without guarantees it’ll work. But without confidence, you don’t have a fighting chance.

Be Stubborn

Bill Gates was incredibly passionate about computers from a young age — so passionate that he often was found in the computer lab at school when he wasn’t supposed to be (ended up being punished, of course, for going against the grain as a youth. Later, he dropped out of Harvard to chase down his computer dream.

And you know what? That worked. Why? Because he was stubborn.

The pursuit of his passion was the only thing that mattered — Harvard didn’t matter, a degree didn’t matter, and doing what he was told didn’t matter either.

Elon Musk and Steve Jobs were the same way. Musk risked a ton of his own money for his passion (even when advised against it) and Steve Jobs failed immensely. The result? They both stayed stubborn in what they wanted, and with that drive came the fruition of their dreams.

Attract Top Talent — Don’t be Intimidated By it

One of the main characteristics these three entrepreneurial legends shared was the notion that top talent was a boon, not a curse. Be open to attracting the talent that can further your idea — don’t hinder your dream by fearing someone else’s talent.

When you lean into the “elementary truth” (as Musk calls it) that top talent means a great product or service, you improve your business incrementally.

Go above and beyond to attract that talent, too (within your own resources).

While every business and every entrepreneur are different, there are some pieces of advice that just stick. We think that by acknowledging a few of these traits that some of the most successful business entrepreneurs of our time abided by, you’re taking a step in the right direction!

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