Why is Live Chat Essential for Your Online Store?

May 23 · 5 min read

We know what you might be thinking, “As long as I’m providing a reliable form of customer service, why is it so important that I include live chat for my e-commerce business?”

While your typical form of customer service (24–7 calling service, email, etc.) likely is reliable — and something you’re dedicating time and energy into — not having a live chat feature for your e-commerce website is holding you back. Live chat can do a number of exciting things beyond just helping customers solve issues — it can convert new customers, bring in more leads, and, of course, enhance your brand’s reputation for customer service.

At Fetchr, we understand how valuable live chat is — we’re there to help our customers solve problems and answer new users’ questions. We enhance our customers’ experiences with us!

Still not sold on the idea of a live chat feature?

Check out a few of these benefits your e-commerce company can reap when you choose to add a live chat function to your site!

Added Convenience

Think about why people online shop.

Sure, there are a myriad of reasons, but most of those reasons (as diverse as they might seem) all boil down to one thing — convenience. So, with that in mind, wouldn’t it make sense that your customers are going to be looking for convenience on every level? Wouldn’t they, as convenience-seekers, desire a convenient way to connect with you, the brand?


Customers like shopping online while feeling as if they’re in the actual store, where a clerk or agent can help them at the drop of a hat. That’s what live chat features can do for you. A customer might have questions. They might not have all the information they need before they buy something. They might even just need a quick confidence boost to make a purchase. With live chat features, you (or your agents) are there to be that source of confidence and knowledge, to provide your clients with the extra firm-but-gentle nudge they need toward purchasing.

If you’re not there to be that source for them, it’s easy for a customer simply to click out of your e-commerce shop. It’s all about convenience, right?

Two types of customers are visiting your e-commerce site at any given moment.

  1. Potential buyers
  2. Existing customers

Your potential buyers have questions. They want to know what size something is, if this item will make sense in their home, if you have any experience with the product, etc. They are having trouble finding specifics. They want comparable products or other options within your brand.

Then you have your existing customers who have questions, too. They want to know about their orders. Are they ready yet? What about return policies? They want to report bugs and check in and know that you’re taking care of their products.

With live chat, you can serve both of those clients. You accomplish any of these goals with one simple function.

Increase Your Conversion Rate

Adding on a live chat feature to your e-commerce site is a great way to essentially guarantee that you’re going to increase your customer conversion rate.

Source: Live Chat Inc

According to LiveAgent, about 44 percent of online consumers say that having a live agent available while they’re debating making a purchase is the most important feature a website can offer. IT just makes sense, doesn’t it?

Think about all the potential buyers on your site. They’re sitting there, clicking through your inventory. They want your products, but they have questions. If you could have an agent right there, constantly available to answer their questions, why wouldn’t that boost your conversion rate?

Multiple studies have shown that having a live chat can produce a 20 percent increase in your conversion rates, and further, will add the confidence your buyer needs to purchase more.

Your live chat agents will do more than just answer questions though — that’s not all it takes to create trust with a customer and convert their sale. Through live chat, your agents are able to build relationships with customers — potential and current — and be a source of knowledge, confidence, and trust.

You know how valuable it is for customers to understand that their voice is being heard — a live chat support feature can help boost that feeling and lead to a much stronger connection with your brand. That connection — that link that’s built over time through a live chat feature — is what’s going to keep those customers coming back for more, every time.

Gain the Competitive Advantage

Think about your competitor in your market. Consider their customer service support. Are you currently ahead of them on customer service experience? Are they beating you in working with clients?

Source: E-commerce Nation

Adding in live chat for your customers can give you a HUGE advantage over your competitors. The fact of the matter is, many companies — even really big companies in large corners of the market — aren’t yet utilizing live chat support on their websites. Even the huge corporations that you’re pitting yourself against haven’t yet added this feature on.

Which, begs the question — why wouldn’t you? It’s a simple, easy way to be there for your customers, but more than that, it’s a simple, easy way to beat out your competition — no matter how large they might be.

We could say this a thousand different ways, but the point is, adding a live chat feature to your e-commerce website is an easy, no-fuss way for your brand to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Hosting a live chat feature on your site isn’t just vital for your customers’ trust and experience, it’s critical for connecting with your target market. Further, it’s an easy and inexpensive way to provide your customers (both current and future) with direct access to you — the brand they’re considering doing business with.

We are Fetchr; a company specialized in e-fulfillment. We help e-commerce entrepreneurs grow their business in the Middle East. Let’s make it happen! One box at a time. Learn more here.

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