What I find interesting about Travis CI

I have worked with several technologies in the past, some I found challenging and some i found less intricate, some I was fascinated by while some I never bothered to check it up again. Travis CI is one of the interesting technology I have encountered in preparation for the Andela Bootcamp. I was fascinated by the was Travis CI does its work. I could only imagine the effort put into this technology like all other technology making me realize this new path I am taking and the high expectations and dedication required.

Travis CI was able to incorporate several features and the integration was smooth. The way you have to sign up or sign in with your compulsory github account, how it automates the build processes and the options it gives were such fascinating characteristics. I could go on and on about all the features I was able to explore on Travis CI but I would point out to two main features

First core feature is the automatic build process incorporated into Travis CI when a branch is updated with a commit or a pull request is sent. Travis CI is able to detect this on time and test the build to see if your tests pass or not. A passing build means a passing badge which is very valuable in the readme section of my github repo. This passing badge shows that the application follows continuous integration standards

Second core feature that I used is the coveralls reporting, Travis CI does code coverage seamlessly linking up with coveralls and reporting any passing build. This is made possible with the .travis.yml file which Travis CI uses to run my build commands. This is so interesting to explore, and knowing it gives all kind of satisfaction as I did not know how breakfast and lunch passed me by when exploring this feature, not even a pang of hunger.

This is a technology I would recommend to anyone in the software industry if they have not yet incorporated in their project already.

I hope I was able to jog your interest in checking out Travis CI and how it helps you with continuous integration. It is my greatest hope that you would find it as interesting as I did.