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Here’s an A-Z Summary of 26 films or TV Shows that have been the rapture for Indian and global audiences in the first half of 2020:

Logo for fictional Meta Iceberg Fanclub by @fetuinyou
Logo for fictional Meta Iceberg Fanclub by @fetuinyou

Agenda: Statue Talk | Thursday, 18th June 2020

For the sake of anonymity, members are referred to by their Instagram food-name update. Keep track.

Cupcake: Okay, girls, I’m glad we are in this room. Let’s talk. How cool is it that Weeden wants this? Taking down King History’s statue and replacing it with Meta Iceberg’s instead? We won today!


Sandwich: Guys, we need to have an organised session. OJ, can you introduce Meta Iceberg to the club?

OJ: Meta Iceberg obvies needs no introduction, especially to us. I still have a few things that MUST be said about her. She is the coolest. I mean, literally. They say that as a baby, she struggled to speak for the first 27.9 days and that scared everybody because she was a voracious reader. To every one’s surprise, the first word she ever said was “Iceberg”. …


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Photo by Spencer Imbrock on Unsplash

Jared Leto’s most exciting phase was his creative genius behind 30 Seconds to Mars. From ‘Kings & Queens’ to ‘Hurricane’ with Kanye on the 2.0 version of the track, the 2009 album ‘This is War’ had a lot to share with the young ’90s minds confused by the millennia.

On days where you’d question the things your parents taught you while you were coming home from school, progressive rock had found its way to resonate with you. …

“Don’t leave me out in the cold.” I was listening to Stuck by Earthgang when this line struck me, making me feel like my last conversation with God. Often when we’re stuck, we overcomplicate what it means to speak to God or to experience a higher connectedness.

People say you only come to God at your weakest, especially when you are spotted at a church, mosque or temple after a long break. This thought has always perplexed me. Mobilising energy that comes with a collective is inarguably life-changing. Indeed, God speaks more clearly when you call him through many — a collective prayer being louder. The cohesive chants are inescapable. Every person breathing the same, enunciating the same, attracts and gathers power. It’s quite similar to the feeling that fills a room when a group of 20 sing a song they all remember and value deeply. Each song may have a different meaning to each person, depending on the context or depth with which they remember it. This is why, even though they sing together, said song would speak to each singer separately. Such is with God too. Even at Church or at a temple, God speaks to each alone. …

Do you remember the first time you felt like you knew something was ‘true’? Your mother’s explanation on drinking water slowly being the only way not to choke? The way wet soil smelt when you walked barefoot in your backyard? Some things are just true and you know it.

As you grow older, you hear and experience so many different things that make you question if there is indeed a truth or if you were delusional about it all. …

Friendship is reality
Your ears, your eyes
They see the parts of you you cannot see
You hear their voices and find peace

Envy is reality
Your mouth when cold
Its views parallel to your insecurity
Not your friend’s soul

Love is reality
Your mouth when free
Its views parallel to her security
Not your soul hyperbole

Envy and Love are the only two
One feeds the obstacle race on Sport’s day
One revels at any victory, white or blue
Which reality are you living?
Don’t imprison you.

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“Choose the lesser evil”- a frightening command from both sides of battle, attempting to compel the humanitarian assassin. Last night, I watched the pilot for the show ‘The Witcher’. An interesting choice for the first day of the new decade. I wouldn’t say that it’s a class apart when it comes to mythological analogies but it was a light, cinematic reminder of the hero’s journey. “This is destiny”, said one too many people who either lost or were killed. You may think that this introduction seems like a television review but its just a Piscean soul linking a scene with what seems like a terrifying six months to cloud India in 2020. …


Aishvarya Varma

100% mogra-muslin | ♀

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