Get your favorite Quilter stitched from Feverish Quilter

Have you finished your quilt top? If yes, the next step is to send it to Feverish Quilter, where Shari will quilt, add Quilt Block Patterns and bind it for you. Feverish Quilter owns four Gammill Statler Stitcher Longarm Quilting machines and is passionate about helping people with their quilting needs. When you leave your quilt with us, you can rest assured that you will get it back within 7–10 days time, unlike other quilters who take a time of weeks and months to get the needful done. We are a dedicated Long Arm Quilting Services provider and in case you are unable to visit us personally, worry not you can send us the same through the mail, or we can arrange a pickup service.

Our Longarm Machine Quilting services include:

Edge to Edge: Edge to Edge is a continuous quilt design that covers the entire quilt. The pricing of the same is $.02 per square inch.

Semi-Custom — Edge to Edge: At Feverish Quilter, we prepare separate border and corner designs and their pricing is$.03 per square inch.

Custom Quilting: You are free to choose designs and motifs that will be quilted in your blocks and borders to beautify your quilt. You can choose the designs from our website or let us know about the designs you have chosen and would like them to be used in your quilts.

Heirloom: If you want to give an individualized treatment to your quilt, we are here to help you.

Quilt Designs and Pantos: We have a wide range of wonderful traditional quilting designs available with us. The choice is invariably large so that you can have a quilt as per your choice. You can take a look at our catalog and let us know what exactly you want.

If you are interested to know more about our designs, feel free to get in touch with us, or you can visit our studio. We welcome you to visit us personally, but we request you to schedule an appointment beforehand so that we can schedule the work accordingly. We thank you for visiting our page; you will be glad to know that for every $1 spent with us you get one reward point which can be redeemed with further orders. What else are you waiting for, visit us now and get your quilts stitched through unmatched Long Arm Quilting Services we provide.

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