7 Best Aerial Photography Services in Singapore

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Are you searching for exceptional aerial photography services to capture captivating shots or videos of your property or event in Singapore? You’re in for a treat! With technology advancements, accessing aerial photography services has become more convenient and cost-effective. Whether you’re a real estate agent highlighting properties or a business owner elevating your brand, aerial photography can dramatically amplify your marketing strategies. However, with a plethora of choices, selecting the ideal provider is paramount. The great news is that I’ve conducted thorough research to present you with a curated list, ensuring you find a dependable service to soar with stunning aerial imagery effortlessly!

Before we delve into our list, let’s take a moment to understand the basics:

What is Aerial Photography?

Aerial photography is the practice of taking pictures of the Earth’s surface from an elevated vantage point, often utilizing drones, airplanes, helicopters, or other aerial platforms. This technique provides a distinct perspective, granting viewers a bird’s-eye view of landscapes, structures, infrastructure, and natural surroundings. Aerial photography finds extensive application across diverse sectors including urban development, real estate, construction, environmental surveillance, tourism, and filmmaking. It facilitates detailed and comprehensive documentation of expansive areas, which may be challenging or unfeasible to capture from ground level.

Importance of Aerial Photography in Singapore

Aerial photography plays a crucial role in Singapore across various sectors due to its ability to provide unique perspectives and valuable insights. Here are some key reasons why aerial photography is important in Singapore:

  • Urban Planning: Aerial photography helps urban planners and policymakers gain valuable insights into the layout of cities, towns, and urban areas. It provides detailed views of terrain, land use patterns, and infrastructure networks, facilitating informed decision-making in urban development projects.
  • Real Estate: Aerial photography is instrumental in marketing properties effectively. By capturing stunning aerial views, it showcases the surroundings and unique features of properties from a captivating perspective. This helps real estate agents attract potential buyers and renters by highlighting the attractiveness and potential of the properties.
  • Construction: In the construction industry, aerial photography is used for site planning, progress monitoring, and project management. It allows construction companies to track the development of construction projects, identify potential issues, and make informed decisions to ensure projects stay on schedule and within budget.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Aerial photography aids in monitoring and managing environmental changes such as deforestation, urban sprawl, and natural disasters. By capturing high-resolution images of the environment from above, it provides valuable data for environmental assessments, conservation efforts, and disaster response planning.
  • Safety and Efficiency: Aerial photography enhances safety and efficiency in sectors like agriculture, surveying, and disaster response. It enables remote inspection of inaccessible or hazardous areas, reducing the need for personnel to physically access risky environments. This not only improves safety but also saves time and resources.
  • Visualization and Analysis: Aerial photography serves as a powerful tool for visualization, analysis, and communication. By providing detailed and comprehensive views of landscapes and infrastructure, it helps stakeholders visualize spatial relationships, identify patterns, and analyze data more effectively. This contributes to better-informed decision-making and progress across diverse fields.

7 Aerial Photography Services in Singapore

1. fewStones

fewStones is a reputable aerial photography and videography service provider based in Singapore. With a focus on delivering high-quality aerial imagery and video content, they cater to a wide range of clients, including real estate developers, construction firms, and marketing agencies. Their team of experienced drone pilots and photographers is equipped with state-of-the-art drones and camera equipment to capture stunning aerial shots from unique perspectives. Drone Matters offers services such as aerial photography, videography, 3D mapping, and surveying, ensuring that clients receive captivating visuals for their projects.

Contact Information:

Business Address: 190 Clemenceau Ave, #06–01, Singapore 239924

Email: info@fewstones.com

2. Skyshot

Skyshot is a distinguished aerial and timelapse filming company known for its exceptional services in Singapore and beyond. With expertise extending to neighboring countries like Malaysia, Nepal, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka, they offer comprehensive coverage across the region. Skyshot stands out as the creator of Skypole, Singapore’s exclusive telescopic camera tailored for aerial and time-lapse filming purposes. Committed to innovation, Skyshot regularly updates its drone fleet to incorporate the latest advancements in the industry. Their portfolio showcases a diverse range of projects, including high-end movie productions, TV projects, construction progress filming, and 360 VR filming.

Contact Information:

Business Address: 996 Bendemeer Road #06–06 Singapore 339944

Email: info@skyshot.sg

3. Rainbow Drone Services

Rainbow Drone Services Pte Ltd specializes in a comprehensive range of drone services, with a notable focus on working at heights facade inspection using rope access, mobile elevated platforms, and gondolas. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, they capture high-resolution images and videos of building facades, facilitating the identification of potential issues and areas in need of attention. Their services cater to buildings of all heights, offering a practical solution for inspecting difficult-to-reach areas. Committed to safety, Rainbow Drone Services adheres to the highest safety standards and procedures, ensuring that all inspections are conducted safely and efficiently. Clients can rely on Rainbow Drone Services for peace of mind and reliable results.

Contact Information:

Business Address: 71 Woodlands Ind Park E9 #08–06 Wave 9 Singapore 75704​

Email: contact@rainbowdroneservices.com

4. Avetics

Avetics offers comprehensive drone services tailored to industrial requirements, covering aerial photography, industrial inspection, and training & drone consultancy. Their professional offerings cater to a diverse range of needs, ensuring that clients receive customized solutions for their specific projects. Avetics’ drone flights are adept at fulfilling various purposes, including aerial photography for marketing needs, heat mapping, and 3D modeling, all seamlessly integrated within a single operation. With a commitment to accessibility, Avetics provides UAV services at different price points, accommodating clients across the public and private sectors, from large enterprises to small businesses.

Contact Information:

Business Address: Amtech Building, Lobby 2, #07–02B 159 Sin Ming Road, Singapore 575625

Email: team@avetics.com

5. Studio Five Corp

Studio Five Corp is a production media group based in Singapore, specializing in aerial photography and videography. With a wealth of expertise, they excel in assessing specific locations for optimal aerial camera angles and establishing suitable landing sites for drones with minimal disruption. Their meticulous approach includes in-depth research and planning of aerial sequences to ensure the smooth execution of each project. Moreover, Studio Five Corp takes care of obtaining any necessary permissions and permits required for their aerial operations, adhering to all regulatory requirements. Their team of licensed drone pilots guarantees professionalism and adherence to safety standards throughout every mission.

Contact Information:

Business Address: 10 Gambas Cres, Lvl 2 Nordcom 2, Singapore 757003

Email: hey@studiofivecorp.com

6. Flyth Studio

Flyth Studio, headquartered in Singapore, is a creative boutique specializing in high-quality aerial filming and photography, alongside commercial photography services. Their expertise lies in deploying cutting-edge filmmaking techniques and equipment to deliver captivating cinematography and photography. Renowned for its commitment to excellence, Flyth Studio offers a full-service scalable production unit suitable for projects of all sizes, from small-scale productions to large commercial sets. They utilize stabilized aerial footage captured using an array of drones, complemented by motion control systems such as the cable-cam and remote control camera cars, ensuring unparalleled quality and creativity in every project.

Contact information:

Phone: +65 9781 0619

7. APVT Media

APVT Media is a dynamic team of young, multi-skilled individuals based in Singapore, specializing in several key areas including extreme close proximity aerial filming, drone aerial photography, drone aerial video, and real estate photography. With a decade of experience in flying aerial drones and capturing architecture photography, they bring a wealth of expertise to every project. Their portfolio boasts collaboration with clients from around the globe, including Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Japan, across diverse industries such as real estate, automobile, maritime, sports, and tourism.

Contact Information:

Business Address:

Email: apvt.media@gmail.com


In conclusion, the realm of aerial photography services in Singapore offers a vast sky of possibilities. With a myriad of options at your fingertips, the only task at hand is to select the service that aligns perfectly with your unique needs. So, here’s wishing you smooth flights and stunning captures as you soar to new heights!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Which projects can benefit from aerial photography services?

Aerial photography services are versatile and advantageous for various projects, including real estate marketing, construction progress monitoring, event coverage, environmental surveys, and tourism promotion, among others.

How can I select the most suitable aerial photography service provider for my project?

When choosing an aerial photography service provider, consider factors such as their experience, portfolio, equipment quality, pricing, and safety record. Look for providers with a proven track record of delivering high-quality results and who can meet your specific project requirements.

Are licenses or certifications required for drone operators in Singapore?

Yes, drone operators in Singapore must obtain permits and licenses from the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) to operate drones commercially. Ensure that the aerial photography service provider you select employs licensed and certified drone operators to comply with regulations and ensure safety.

What is the typical timeframe for receiving aerial photographs or videos?

The timeframe for receiving aerial photographs or videos can vary based on factors such as the project’s complexity, the area’s size to be captured, and post-processing requirements. Most aerial photography service providers will offer an estimated timeline during the initial consultation.

What are the typical costs associated with aerial photography services in Singapore?

The costs of aerial photography services in Singapore can vary depending on factors such as project scope, equipment used, location, and duration of the shoot. It’s advisable to request quotes from multiple service providers and compare prices to ensure fair pricing for your project.

Which aerial photography service is considered the top choice in Singapore?

Determining the “best” aerial photography service in Singapore relies on factors such as specific project needs, budget, and personal preferences. However, fewStones stands out as a prominent provider in the Singaporean aerial photography scene, known for their expertise, comprehensive services, and exceptional results.




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