an ASS of U and ME

A wise man once said years ago that to assume is to make an ass of you and me. I cannot agree more.

I have spent quite a few number of times clearing the air of misunderstanding because people simply refuse to ask direct questions. Feeling safe in the strength of their intuitions and self-righteous perception, they make assumptions that immediately solidify to facts in their minds. I ordinarily would not mind this if I was not taking a direct hit. My own is that nobody should use their reggae to spoil my blues.

I recently endured a hit like I mentioned earlier when a man I met, and had been in touch with for some months, verbally attacked me when I turned down his romantic overtures. What was the problem? He had assumed I was single and therefore, very available. This was a sad mistake.

He didn’t bother to ask so it never occurred to me to inform him of my relationship status. It was not that deep anyway; we didn’t have the kind of flow that required a warning in case somebody started tripping. Well, somebody tripped; turned completely unreasonable and the result is me “choke-venting” (Imagine holding a hand tightly over your mouth while trying to talk like you are trying to hold something from falling out).

My question: Was I supposed to wear my partner’s name across my chest like a badge of involvement? When did being in a relationship become the same as living as a hermit on some distant island?

In general, if you don’t want to make mistakes; ask questions. It is wise to stop making assumptions and ensure that facts are laid bare across the table before taking any action. This is why laws and theories are not created without proper research… so that there are no mistakes or misalignment of purpose.

Don’t make a move without being informed. You may lose your way.