Part 3: The journey to self-discovery.

Fey Ijaware
Dec 30, 2017 · 10 min read
Thanks for recommending, commenting, and egging me on to finish it.

Having Lunch and enjoying the lovely view of Manchester at work on the 14th floor at 1 Angel Square.
(Yes I am the one in the pink shoes) At a Digital Masterclass learning about Agile ways of working.

Some snippets from my travel’s to Japan.
Some snippets from my holiday to Cyprus.
Some snippets from my holiday to Crete.
One of my favourite, from the pictures that I took during their visit (Media City, Salford Quays).

Me at a VR Hackathon organised by Rise and Barclays.

Me at Work.
My Second Scholarship

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Happy New year and thank you for reading. See you in 2018!

Fey Ijaware

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