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Following a recent announcement made on the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit, that a 51% attack on the Einsteinium blockchain will be launched and live streamed a week later, a number of us, blockthirsty spectators, gathered at the given Twitch channel at the announced time. The stream started, and after 20 or so minutes of audio and video stream quality adjustments and reading the Satoshi paper, the prospective attacker tried to launch the planned attack, then switched to Bitcoin Private and tried to attack that blockchain, then got banned and no attack happened at all.

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The Call For Code challenge, organized by IBM and the American Red Cross has closed submissions for this year on Friday, 28th of September. The Call For Code challenge calls for developers to produce solutions using top-notch technology that will improve the preparedness to reduce the disruptive impact of natural disasters on human lives, health, and well-being. While there certainly are many remarkable submissions, one of the solutions, relying on blockchain and crypto transactions, presented as an experiment before the expiration of submission deadline, conjured some interest in the media, both crypto and mainstream, showing that a transaction on the blockchain can be much more than just that.

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Still image from “Donald And The Wheel” 1961.


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