Why millennials love politics but they still don’t get involved in political parties.

Did you ever think about joining a political party? Or starting your own?

Over the past two years we have seen many things happen politically. Trump getting elected in the United States, the UK deciding to leave the European Union, Theresa May loosing her gamble in the general election and so on.

One thing that became clear, especially after the impressive result of the labour party in the general election, is that we young people need to get more politically involved.

I have seen many of my friends and people that I know getting involved by going on the streets and showing what they stand for and making their opinion known — and I love this! It is the very basic form of democracy, expressing our opinion on certain issues, whether we do it by posting it on Facebook or by going out and telling people.

Politics and political parties are dominated by the older generation — people that very often do not understand the issues that our generation is facing or that simply do not have to live with the consequences of the decisions they make.

However, the number of young people joining a party is still relatively low. And I often been wondering why.

Is it because our values just simply do not align with any of the current parties? Or is the reason much simpler, that we do not know where to start or think we don’t have the time?

One example was (or in some cases still is) the Pirate Party. These guys were great in addressing issues that our generation is facing to some extent but they simply forgot about everyone else.

The recent election in the UK shows that we do care about other issues. We are not a generation that only thinks about ourselves. And it is time to put that into action.

I joined a party when I was 15 years old. At that time, I was really interested in politics and how the system worked. If I look back at that now, I don’t think I joined a party because I necessarily identified with what they stood for but more because I wanted to understand how a party works and what kind of people are involved. And I’ve met some great people. Some of them were members since decades. They never run for office, they just wanted to be involved. They have found friends and met every Sunday for a drink and to discuss whatever was happening politically at that moment. And then there were some very promising young members that had aspirations to run for office and to represent their community.

In the future, it would be great to see young people more involved in party politics. I want to be able to vote for a young candidate that might understand more of the issues that I am facing. The only way that happens is if young people start joining political parties or starting their own. That way, we can start influencing politics and be able to change the world. Bit by bit.