I’ve played many RPGs over the years and FF14 is one of the best

I finished the main story earlier today and let me tell you, what started as a decentish story in 2.0 built towards something cool by the end of the 1–50 arc just to get absolutely awesome by the end of 2.55.

I never thought I’d play an MMORPG with such well presented and most importantly easily accessible even for casual Cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil players like me story. My only complaint about the story presentation is that I believe all of it should be voiced and the English voice acting is a bit so so at times, though recently it’s gotten better.

This is hands down one of the better stories out there and definitely one of the best FF stories. It’s a story that is not afraid to deal with death, political tensions between countries and inner conflicts between allied nations, it’s an amazingly written and presented story with a much more serious and mature tone than say, FF13 series was for example which I did enjoy but the story was all over the place.

The character limit on this forum is very …old school to say the least.

Anyway, just a few more things.

FF14 even has a lovely side story with the Hildabrand quest line, something I have yet to complete since I leave it for when I have nothing else to do and what little I have played of it was wonderful.

I hope to God the developers always make the main story easily accessible and beatable for us casuals, that Steps of Faith trial put me off a bit and I firmly believe it needs to be balanced better in favor of less experienced players, but other than that fantastic ending to the current story.

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