I find this evocative of Gilgamesh.
S. Nightingale

I was thinking along the same lines, but with Jacob from the Bible. Jacob gains the name “Israel” after wrestling with an angel. This spiritual wrestling match just so happens to take place right after Jacob hears that his brother Esau (who you may recall Jacob cheated out of his birthright) is coming his way with an entourage of 400 men. Jacob suspects that Esau means to kill him, but he decides to stay and own up to what he did. Once Jacob accepted responsibility for what he’d done, only then was he worthy to become the father of a nation.

In the same way, I feel like Andrei is being forced to reconcile with his sins. At the end of Book One he pays the price for his vanity, and now just as he begins to appreciate Lise, she’s gone and he can’t make up for how he’d treated her in the past.

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