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Is it bad to write in Medium not with English?

I know Medium not long ago, and during that time I only know that the Medium was English.

With poor English skills, I just become passive members in Medium. Never writing, even occasionally read — and never finished.

Medium for me was an exciting platform, it looks clean and charming. Unlike another platform which has existed.

So I thought to enliven the Medium with my writing — I love to write.

But there is a problem. As I’ve said before, I have poor english skill. So I am confused to write in English. Google translate can help anyway, but it took a long time and the results are not too good.

Then I thought of writing in Medium with the language of my country — which I know well — Bahasa Indonesia.

I am searching for info is there are other authors who write Medium in with Indonesian…

How did Medium usage rate by the Indonesian … a lot or not?

Because so far I have not heard Indonesian good writings are written in Medium, and seems Indonesia itself has not familiar with Medium.

I searched and found.

Finally I started writing in the Bahasa Indonesia. Last week I published that article, and new problems have emerged.

This is statistic of my writing

statistic of my writing

Nobody read my writing.

What’s wrong?

I tags Indonesia in my writing, with hope that Indonesian Medium user will read it. But there is no. In fact, the one reader on statistic above also because I opened it (with my another account).

I wrote it, I read it.

I think that this article is not interesting… but it seems really interesting. So I try to repost my writing in Kompasiana (one of the blogging platform in Indonesia) and get 1,500 views in two days. But, why nobody in Medium read.

I also think that Indonesian people rarely use Medium… then find information on google there is many Indonesian people Medium, such as Jim Geovedi, Aulia Masna, Oki Rosgani, M Aan Mansyur, etc…

…. no matter the level of intensity less massive than Medium English.

After searching, I found a good writing from Yann Girard, then I realized my mistake.

“It is impossible people would magically find me.”

So, impossible for me, a new comers in Medium (have no followers and following), immediately got a very high traffic.

In conclusion, the low traffic of my writing is not because I was using Indonesian. But more to the wrong technical marketing I did.

So, is it bad to write in Medium with Indonesian?


But somehow, I’ve never seen a Medium’s article written in Indonesia recommend up to a thousand… let a thousand, a hundred, or even ten, it is rare.

Now I am studying English, and this writing basically one of my exercise to fluent in English…

And also… I am a new comers in Medium, I have no followers and following. I will very happy if you deign to follow me, and of course I also will follow you.