Firehose Community Webpage

How to fork it and get it up and running on your system

I am simply going to follow the from github repository.

In your vagrant environment, run “gem install jekyll

Then run “rbenv rehash

Go to the repository →

Click “Fork” on the top right corner

Go to your github profile → repositories → find the repository named “

Click on the repository

Copy the clone URL on your clipboard

In your terminal vagrant environment run the following command:

git clone “paste the url here from your clipboard”

In a separate terminal window cd to project directory named

Run the following command to fire up localhost

jekyll serve — host — port 3000

Go to http://localhost:3030 community website is up and running here

Working on issues or making edits

Before I make any edits I would create a separate branch and name it accordingly (usually the feature or issue you are going to work on)


  1. Create a new branch and checkout

git branch test_branch_name_here

git checkout test_branch

2. Now if you do “git branch” you should see the little star on your test_branch

3. Make the edits

Gotcha → If you make edits and you can’t see them working on your localhost. go to the terminal window where your jekyll server is running control+C. Stops the server. run this command “jekyll serve -w — force_polling” and you should be good to go. For more gotchas head to →

4. Commit the changes

git commit -am “commit msg”

5. Push your changes to origin(github)

git push origin test_branch

6. Now your changes are up on github in a separate branch

7. Go to the repository on github and click on “Compare & Pull request

8. Now clink on “Create Pull Request

You are all set. A Pull request will be created and after your changes are approved — your test_branch will be merged applying the changes you made.

Edit: After your changes are merged and you want to update your forked repository. Head to this stackoverflow post for details on how to do that →

If you have any questions or if you think I missed anything here please comment and I will edit the post. Thanks!

Happy Coding :)