Yeah, FF — you said that about Hillary, too, but like her, the ACA isn’t even “good” or “good…
Delia Binder

No, I didn’t, actually.

But it’s impossible to argue that ACA wasn’t better than nothing. At the very least, it got rid of pre-existing conditions. Why on earth would you want to dispose of that? Starting over doesn’t mean you’ll get that back — or anything at all — given that our government is bought and paid for. The House and Senate bills should have given you a preview of coming attractions, and they aren’t pretty.

I’m with you: ACA didn’t go nearly far enough. We need a truly Progressive solution. But I’m not naive enough to believe we’ll get it all at once if we fuss and kick our feet like toddlers. Look where the Occupy Movement got us: nowhere. Look where the Women’s March got us: nowhere. Yet, you advocate for more of the same.

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