Parsing The Comey Firing
Michael Tracey

“Nonstop hysterical nonsense”? Just how bad does it have to get before you feel that a little suspicion of Trump’s motives is in order? The guy is a confirmed conman by his own repetitive actions: he paid $25M to make his Trump U bilking go away; he failed to pay his debts to many, many contractors; he molested the contestants of his beauty contest; he lied and conned his way out of the draft; he hides his taxes.

This is not a normal presidency. Liberals, Progressives and Democrats don’t simply disagree with this guy’s politics — he doesn’t seem to actually have any, beyond saying anything to get votes.

The “Left” such as it is, disagree with his spineless, reptilian immorality. If there’s a sleazy way to make a buck, Trump has probably done it. Don’t you think that his history warrants an incredibly high level of scrutiny and demand for transparency?

If not, I have no idea what you are fighting for.