My Year in Review in 15 emojis

I have never been too keen on New Year resolutions, it’s something that I enjoyed reading but I have never really committed myself on keeping up with them. 2015 has been a completely different year though and I thought it’d be nice to review it briefly with the things that I’ve accomplished personally and professionally.

Got myself a driving licence. Turned 30 this year (!!) and always felt too busy to learn to drive, this had to change.

Bought my dream car. Actually my first ever car!

Took 1 month off work, decided to travel to Japan. Made amazing new friends.

Had my first tattoo done in Tokyo.

Canceled 3 conferences. I needed more personal time, spent that time with family and friends instead. Sorry organisers!

Joined a cool startup. Had the amazing opportunity of setting my personal mark on an early stage project.

Left the cool startup after 6 months. I now know that I cannot work for someone else for an extended period of time unless I am completely in love with the company, or it’s my own venture.

Got myself a personal trainer. Put on a lot of weight because of poor regime since freelancing.

Learned to say NO. I have dropped people that were putting too much pressure on my personal life.

Gave design advice free of charge. Wrote private lessons for close friends, helped my brother make a career change.

Worked with amazing clients like Major Lazer, Years & Years, Bumble, Porsche, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, GoDaddy and many more.

Returned to University to study Japanese. Exactly 5 years after my graduation, made new real life friends.

Brotherhood got nominated as the best new design agency of 2015. All in its first 6 months of existence.

Got myself a second tattoo. My body is a living art form. Ah!

Changed home. Lived and worked from the same address for the past 6 years. Things stagnated, neighbours sucked, got depressed. Needed a bigger and a newer home / office.

It was a blast and I hope yours was too! For 2016 I’d like to write more, design more, launch my own products (either digital or physical), travel more and meet new people!


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