Bathing Ape Sweatshirt
6am | 07 Nov 2017

Bathing Ape Sweatshirt

a coldest night getting warm for a reason
you've been tried to give me some leason
for what its worth being what is worth it
did you ever feel for being like shit?

last night ramski update their instagram story with her girl
seems like they having fun with lobster at cut the crab
but did you know, his dad drive along 40km to be GO-JEK driver
did you ever think asking your mom what she's cooking tonight? give her clap

bunny, it's getting honey. let's make harmony
woke up with sunny, build us colony to get our money
fly with bacardi, drowning so fastly. immediatel? we got nothing. sober with stupidity.

hey, this life is getting harder. cold in every single night
i like you in every single time you choose my McDonalds menu
i bought this sweatshirt to keep you warm for a day you fight
adore you like a pacquiao, hugs me whenever we fight.

i dont even know how could you to be girl like you
that's sounds weak but i can stop smoking if be with you for a day we spend.
honestly, this letter will being just a letter to be true
just keep your bathing ape sweatshirt who i gave cause it never end

someday, there's come a sunny day, with someone you stay
keep eat a cheap foods even it's your payday
it's not goodbye, just wanna say have a nice day.