Mini Mission 1: Analysis and reflection
Digital Society admin

I undertook the ‘google myself’ mini mission.

I wasn’t surprised that my Facebook and Instagram accounts showed up within the first few pages of google listings.

What did surprise me was my Pinterest account. I don’t really use or consider Pinterest as a social media. When I clicked on it I could see all the hours I had wasted pinning for holidays and Christmas DIY hacks. Immediately I privatised all of my boards.

I decided to look at google images and a VERY old photo of me appeared. When clicked on opened up a twitter account ‘starryeyes10’ that I vaguely remember creating when I was 13 years old. As expected, embarrassing tweets followed. The cringey-ness of my former self obviously resulted in me trying various old passwords to log in to the account to deactivate it. After about an hour, success, it is gone (in 30 days!).

Another surprising result under my name was a time for a 10K race I ran last year, this is a bit of information I am quite proud of and don’t mind being in my google listings.

I feel that my online presence is now conserved and tasteful. I would be happy for my future employers or my grandparents to google me. I do think however, that I could benefit from a LinkedIn account for my future employers to look at instead of my Facebook and Instagram account.

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