Here are the best programming languages to learn in 2018
Alexander Petkov

That’s a beautiful overview of programming language.

The following text is IMHO: to decide which programming language is the best to learn in 2018, we think how current bleeding edge standard will change the way we will develop programms in the future. Here is an example

Javascript is overrated cause it was developed as a browser language to solve simple problems from Netscape. It’s so popular cause the learning curve is very good but it’s very hard to write big applications which are easy to maintain (and a cross-platform application is such an application). That’s the reason why web assembly (WASM) was introduced. With WASM every programming language can compile code which can run in a browser. Browsers will become more like a java-virtual-machine. Currently the tools for WASM are really poor cause it’s bleeding edge but this will change in some years and a new age of object oriented programming languages will be rised.

My advice: learn a strong object oriented language (GoLang, Java, C#, C++, RUST), learn design patterns, learn how things work (e.g. how is databinding implemented) and it will be easy for you to learn another language and yeah the best advice is: just do it.

It’s a bet of the future but it’s a really good one cause with the browser the it-world has the virtual-machine for every OS which sun has always dreamed would be java-vm.