Ryane McGreevy

Ryane McGreevy is a great person with a great personality. She is thoughtful in many ways. When asked if she wanted to be famous and in what way she responded, “I wouldn’t want to be famous but if I were I would want to be known for helping other people out.” Ryane shows that she is not self centered and is thoughtful of everyone she is around of. She also said, “I want to travel so bad. I’ve only been to Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana sort of. I haven’t really been outside of the country….I would really like to go to Africa and do some humanitarian work.” Ryane is a kind person in every way possible. She wants to do things that helps everyone she is with. She had small trips going around helping others this summer, which is pretty great but her dream of wanting to go make a even bigger difference in the word is fantastic idea and I applaud her dream. I asked Ryane what she was most grateful about she said, “I would not change anything about the way I was raised. I did things kids usually do not do and I gained a lot of experience from it and I paid for the mistake I did, but I feel like it has made me into a more humble and open to other things people do not understand yet.” She has been through a lot and it has opened her eyes to many things that life brings to this world. The experiences she has told in our talk showed me that world is full of great people and that world has good future if we there are more people like Ryane. Ryane is great person and has many dreams and I hope she reaches them all.

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