Rocket Café的Medium測試分站

Medium新增了一個「Medium for Publishers」的設計,讓媒體網站也可以架在這邊做線上刊物。

於是把我們家Rocket Café網站也複製了一份過來測試,大家有興趣可以看看:

由於Medium for Publishers有「Writer」機制,可以讓作者自己上稿;如果您已經在使用Medium、而且有興趣幫我們寫稿的話,請再留言告訴我、或是寫信到 。謝謝!

As Medium add a new feature dubbed “Medium for Publishers” that allows media editors or content curators to host media sites here, I cloned a copy of Rocket Café, our tech review site in Chinese, to this place for your emjoyment:

Medium for Publishers provides a Writer role for contributors to post their articles to a media site. To take advantage of it, if you’re interested in writing for us, please leave a message here or write me at Thanks!

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