eMaze: Seasonal weather changes

With eMaze I was able to create a fun age appropriate presentation for first graders that would allow them focus and interact with the presentation giving them a fun way to gain knowledge, but also something that isn’t going to drag on to make them lose there focus. I would use this to teach in a very fun and participating way, I would also use this tool to help create study guides and to allow students to access this from home to help them with homework or to help them study for tests.

I think that this is more useful than just a packet that you hand out or just standing in front of the class teaching and talking about hoping that the students will retain the information. Because it is hands on and they can look at the information as many times as they need they are able to learn better and retain the information, also with an eMaze it is online! It’s not like a paper that can rip or get lost easily they can gain access to it from home and from any where that they have internet access.

With this tool I think teachers can create presentations that students can refer to later when they are doing homework or practicing for a test, or just if the student didn’t understand the information the first time the teacher taught it, they can try to relearn it and get a new point of view. With eMaze teachers can not only create fun presentations but they can also create study guides that can help students learn the information and then take a non graded quiz helping them study and helping them retain the information learned.

ISTE standard: I think this is Innovated Designer- I solve problems by creating an new and imaginative solutions using a variety of digital tools, Creative Communicator-, Empowered Learner

EdTech Standard 7: Use telecommunications and on-line resources (e.g., email, online discussions, web environments) to participate in collaborative problem-solving activities to develop solutions or products for audiences inside and outside the classroom.

1st Grade Science Standard 2: Earth and Space Science. Students will gain an understanding of Earth and Space Science through the study of earth materials, celestial movement, and weather.

Seasonal Weather Presentation

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