Look Beyond — Future is now!

What is future? It is what will happen tomorrow. Its arrival is considered inevitable, but future has a huge uncertainty rate and this worries men.

We are not able to know about tomorrow. However, we can build our future, I think.

We need to read, study or just observe, continuously learning new things and, above all, new skills. Only in this way we’ll be able to understand that, in fact, future is already with us.
Creativity, innovation, technology are radically changing everything. Our lifestyle will be disrupted and a lot of activities, phenomena, thoughts will be totally different. This process is known as creative destruction (term coined by Schumpeter in 1942), in which innovation destroys and creates, destroys and creates. We could also neglect it, but future is about us. Let’s look around!

Social media, 3D printing, Internet of (every)thing, artificial intelligence, self driving cars, sharing economy are only some examples of this overwhelming disruption, that is progress, that is future.

So we cannot abandon the curiosity and what the Professor Piero Formica calls creative ignorance. We have to ask new questions and to find out new answers and solutions. Unemployment, crisis, climate change seem to create a new age of anxiety. We have got few tools and weapons.

Culture is the unique weapon of redemption.

I believe the hunger for knowledge can be a precious ally. We learn, ergo we are. Always looking beyond, fixing the middle-long term goals and perspectives, but enjoying this journey, moment by moment, and sometimes also discovering unknown places, cities, towns.
In a continuous work-in-progress mood, we can cop with the wave. Because the wave is already here, ready to overwhelm. But if we are able to figure out changes around us (even when changes appear distant from us), we’ll be ready for the future.

Omnia Aliena sunt, tempus nostrum est.

Only time is ours, Seneca dixit. I have thought about these words, a lot, too much. About time, which always wins, silently consume us, in an eternal face off, where man is a loser. I don’t know if time is ours or not, but, maybe, Seneca’s advice was an invitation. An invitation to life, a call to action, a call to live. To take the reins, although limited, of this game, to get out and play, for those 90 minutes or 100 years they are.

Look beyond. Time has gone by and future is knocking at the door. Are you ready?