How to Easily Maintain Your Home and Maximize Resale Value

Imagine that you are buying a used car. You ask the seller how often he changed the oil and serviced the car. He replies that he had the dealer perform all of the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance on schedule. When you ask for the service records, he gives you a blank stare. You don’t have much confidence that the car was properly maintained and the price you are willing to pay, if any, is likely diminished.

Now imagine that instead of a blank stare the seller responds by presenting you with detailed records of every oil change, service and repair, complete with receipts and the contact information for the service providers. You would have much more confidence that you are buying a car in great condition.

This same scenario can be applied to your home. However, one big difference is that your home, on average, is 10 times more valuable than your car, so keeping and maintaining good records is even more important. A potential buyer of your home will have more confidence if you can provide them with detailed records of all the services, repairs, and preventative maintenance you have performed. And keeping and maintaining those records can help you manage your home more efficiently and cost effectively as well.

Fortunately, there is a great, easy-to-use solution for keeping detailed records of your home. A company called Centriq has created a new app that “helps homeowners get the most out of their home, and the things in it.”

The first step is to “digitize” your home — which simply means using your smartphone to capture information about the major appliances and systems (Centriq works for anything with an “on” switch). There has never been a good way to do this before, but now with Centriq’s patent-pending technology, it’s easy. Using the mobile app, you simply snap a photo of the item’s nameplate and Centriq does the rest. Centriq will scan the make, model and serial number from your photograph and automatically pull useful information from the manufacturer and other experts into the app for quick and easy access, including things like:

· User Manuals

· Quick Start Guides, Energy Guides and Quick Reference Guides

· Parts and Supplies

· How-To Videos

· Instructions (Troubleshooting, Proper/Preventative Maintenance, “How-To” Guides)

Expert Info in the Centriq App

The second step is to add other important information about your home that you want to keep handy. For example, once your items are in the Centriq app, you can easily build a record of all maintenance, service and repairs for your items. For instance, you could begin by adding contact information into Centriq for everyone who has worked on the home. You can import the service provider information from your contacts or add it manually. Then, if your dishwasher breaks and needs repair, you could first consult the User Manual and Troubleshooting Guide to see if you can fix the problem yourself (this is easy because both were automatically loaded into the app when you took a photo of the nameplate). In the event you can’t fix it and need to call for service, you could consult the Service Providers list within the app to contact your preferred service provider. Once the repair is complete, use Centriq to upload the invoice with the details of what was done, snap a photo of the receipt, and store them both in the app. You now have a complete record of the service call for future reference.

Centriq can also help simplify everyday home repairs. Imagine that the light bulb in your refrigerator burns out. As you are driving to work, you realize that you forgot to unscrew the bulb to take to the hardware store to find a replacement. No problem! With the Centriq app, you don’t even need to unscrew the burned-out bulb. Simply consult the Centriq app and the Expert Info section will show you a list of Parts and Supplies for your appliance. Even better, Centriq includes a feature that lets you order parts and supplies by simply clicking a link within the app. Simple, easy, and convenient!

Building and maintaining good records of your home can help you easily and cost effectively manage your home. It can also help enhance the value of your home by conveying to the buyer that your home has been well maintained. Additionally, your home repairs and maintenance records can be included as part of the disclosure package helping to ensure compliance with disclosure laws. The key is to get started today. The good news for homeowners is that now, with Centriq, efficiently managing your home and keeping good records is easy.